Fan Expo Dallas 2018: Sci-fi It Girl Morena Baccarin talks ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Gotham,’ ‘Firefly’

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Morena Baccarin as a guest on a comic con’s website and how many times I’ve missed seeing her because of reasons X, Y, or Z. Fan Expo Dallas was my chance to see her and she was so sassy in person!

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin in Deadpool / Credit: Marvel

The moderator started the panel asking Baccarin about how she got her start with Deadpool. Baccarin admitted she had little clue about what Deadpool was about at first: “I didn’t make much of it… I did research and it took some time for me to get it.” This segued into Fox’s Batman-prequel series Gotham, where Baccarin stars as Leslie Thompkins, Ben McKenzie’s love interest.

When asked if she would rather do television or film, Baccarin said she loved doing both but television had an advantage in terms of character development.

Baccarin joined the Gotham cast and has been on the show since 2015. While she and McKenzie were love interests on the show, in real life, the two are married! She joked about that: “You want job security? Marry the lead guy!” LOL.

And back to Deadpool! Baccarin didn’t give much away about Deadpool 2–duh–but she did explain briefly the core of what the sequel would be about and where her character Vanessa and Deadpool would be.

Moving on to the show that was cancelled way too soon… Firefly! A fan asked Baccarin to describe what it was like working with her fellow Firefly cast members.

Another fan asked Baccarin about her time on ABC’s V where she played the matriarch of an alien race. Baccarin admitted that there was so much to explore with the show but she thought the writers didn’t know which direction to take it at the time. “We had showrunner after showrunner fire and it became a mess. I hate that we couldn’t have done better to deliver the show,” Baccarin said.


Featured image credit: Fox and Mutant Enemy Productions

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