Fan Expo Dallas 2018: ‘My Hero Academia’ panel

Fan Expo Dallas did not disappoint with its anime voice actors guests. Three voice actors from one of my favorite anime series, My Hero Academia, held a panel during the annual Dallas comic con event.

Article by William Gray

“I am here!” Christopher Sabat, the voice of All Might, announced as he entered the panel room. Joined by Justin Briner, the voice of Deku who is the lead of My Hero Academia, and surprise guest Colleen Clinkenbeard, the voice of Momo Yaoyorozu and the director of the show.

The panel started off with just Colleen, as the other two were held up. For the Q&A session, Colleen opened the floor to questions about her experience as a voice actor and director. Most of the early questions revolved around directing until the other two panelists arrived.

Staying true to their characters, and showing exactly why they were selected for the roles they were, Chris was larger than life and stole the show while Justin was clearly excited about everything happening around him but perfectly fine with staying to the background. Leaving the questions up to the audience and answering on the fly, the group still managed to have a lot of fun and let their personalities show through.

Credit: Studio Bones

The audience in this panel also brought their A-game with some fun questions giving the panelist a reason to stop and think about their answers in many situations. Many of the questions were probably predictable for the experienced panelists, such as “What was your favorite fight scene in My Hero Acadamia?”

The group played well off of each other and, having done this for a while, had a previous agreement to always come up with a different answer to one question in particular. “If you could have any quirk, what would it be?” Colleen, pulling from another major role she voiced as Luffy from One Piece, decided that she would like to have a quirk that gave her unlimited hands, a play off the character Nico Robin, which she joked would be very helpful as a mom.

Justin wanted to have a quirk where he was able to blast disco music, and once you heard it you were under his control. Chris decided on an interesting quirk, and my personal favorite, where he would be able to make a double of himself so he could just stay in bed and sleep all day while his double did everything that needed to be done.

My Hero Academia Deku
Deku, voiced by Justin Briner in the English dubbed version / Credit: Studio Bones

Chris Sabat can be heard on Dragon Ball Z (as Vegeta, Piccolo, and Yamacha among other smaller parts), Yu Yu Hakasho (as Kazuma Kuwabara), Fruits Basket (as Ayame Sohma) and many others.

Justin Briner is a newer voice actor but can be heard on Seraph of the End (as Mikaela Hyakuya) and Yuri!!! On Ice (as Emil Nekola).

Colleen Clickenbeard can also be heard on other majors shows including One Piece (as Monkey D. Luffy), Fairy Tail (as Erza Scarlet), Borderlands 2 (as Lilith),and many more.

You can watch My Hero Academia on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Featured image credit: Studio Bones

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