Instagram Feature: Manga Collector and Geek Girl @MangaADay

Manga are comics or light graphic novels created in Japan that are growing in popularity worldwide. In 2016 alone, the US sales of these uniquely illustrated comics grew 29% to $110 million. With this increasing popularity comes collectors who want to flaunt their impressive collections.

Instagram user, @Mangaaday, is one of those collectors. With 746 volumes in her current collection, it’s no surprise that her motto is, “a manga a day keeps reality away.” Accumulating since 2005, her extensive collection includes all of her favorites. From BL to horror, she has it covered!

@Mangaaday, 23, who is a self-proclaimed “fujoshi” and “Voltron trash,” actively creates and participates in month-long Instagram challenges such as the #OldSchoolMangaChallenge or #LovelyMangaChallenge. These challenges have given her followers a glimpse into her favorite ships, publishers, the first series she ever purchased, and much more.

Frequenting a variety of new and used book stores, especially Books A Million, @Mangaaday has more than doubled her collection within the last year. She regularly posts hauls of recently purchased manga, inviting other otaku enthusiasts to track newest additions and read along with her. She provides a unique experience that allows her users to connect with her on a more personal level.

When looking at @Mangaaday’s collection you immediately notice how organized she is.  Everything is arranged by size and publisher, giving her “Shelfies” an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive look. These shelves not only hold her eclectic array of manga, they also house her other otaku collectibles like Pop! figures, Nendroids, and other toys from series like Yuri on Ice, Bungou Stray Dogs, Voltron, and Naruto.

We have to admit, we are pretty obsessed with @Mangaaday. Her ever-growing collection has us wanting to start collecting as well. To see why we are in awe of her collection, be sure to check out her Instagram and YouTube channel!

Have a geeky collection you would like us to check out? Post a picture of your collection and be sure to tag us on Instagram at!


Featured image collage credit: ChinLin Pan / Images in collage: @Mangaaday

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