Con Of Thrones 2018: Esmé Bianco

CORRECTION 05/29/2018: The artwork of Ros that was mentioned during the panel is part of the “Beautiful Death” series by artist Robert M. Ball.


The last time Game of Thrones fans saw Ros, she had met her unfortunate demise at the hands of evil King Joffrey in season 3 when he had shot arrows at her. Luckily, Mischief Management was able to bring out Esmé Bianco as a guest for this year’s Con of Thrones. Esmé Bianco has been appearing at conventions for the past few years and when I learned she would be in Dallas last weekend, I couldn’t pass up the chance to go see her panel, moderated by senior culture reporter Kim Renfro of INSIDER.

We start with the beginning of Ros’s story. Her character was created specifically for the show. In fact, Ros did not have a name at all when Esmé first got the role. Ros was originally just a minor character named “The Red-headed Whore.” Esmé did such a fantastic job embracing the role of “The Red-headed Whore” that the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided to keep her on, season by season. A Song Of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin was the one who insisted that they give Esmé’s character a name.

When taking questions from the audience, a fan asked Esmé, since the character was not in the books, if she received any direction. Esmé went on to explain that she truly embraced the comedic side of Ros.

“Who’s your favorite lover on the show?” Best question. Kudos to the fan who asked that. LOL.

When a fan asked about what she thought of Theon’s transformation throughout the show, Esmé said she was shocked that Alfie Allen still has not yet received an Emmy nomination for his incredible work as Theon and Reek. Cue applause. Hint, hint, Television Academy, are you getting this? 

Working with Alfie Allen, Esmé recalled a sex scene she did early on the show with Theon. She is super proud of that scene, and girl… we are super proud of you!

Someone brought up a throwback selfie photo that Esmé posted on her Instagram back in February of Ros on the Iron Throne. Esmé was on set to shoot the scene where Lena Headey’s character Cersei had kidnapped Ros (mistakenly thinking Ros was Shae). She was in the room with the Iron Throne waiting and no one else was around so she sat down to take a quick selfie! #sneaky #yasssqueen

Someone brought up a piece of artwork–disclaimer: we aren’t sure who created this artwork–an artist had immortalized Ros’s death in a tasteful, silhouette fashion. Esmé admitted she had this very piece of art in her room!

“If Ros was still alive today, what do you think she would be doing?” Esmé had a great answer.

Featured image credit: ChinLin Pan/Geek Gals

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