Avengers: Infinity War

Top ‘Avengers 4’ Movie Predictions

A week or so before my son was born, my husband and I watched Avengers: Infinity War. I’ll admit that my emotions were all over the place and my son wanted out of my stomach (more likely because he didn’t like the loud movie theater). I am a die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and my soul and hope was crushed seeing the ending of Infinity War.

Article by Tia Vargas and Jessica Garver

Like other fans, I used my creative brain to come up with theories what will happen. The hurricane is in full swing right now with theories from the fans. I have a long wait ahead of me so all I could do is come up with predictions what will happen in the next Avengers movie. I have pondered more than 20 predictions for the next installment. I cut the list to eight good predictions.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not seen the movie!

Ok, you have been warned.

Hulk will come to fight Thanos

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

I don’t believe in underestimating my opponents or catching them off guard. The plan was a good plan, just did not end the way our heroes wanted. Hulk hit Thanos a few times, then Thanos kicked his butt. I know Hulk’s pride was damaged after that fight. In my opinion, Hulk must fight Thanos again to regain his honor because I was embarrassed for Hulk. Bruce Banner is cool, but I love Hulk more.

Gamora oversees The Soul Stone

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

It broke my heart seeing Gamora being thrown off the cliff by Thanos so he could have the Soul Stone. Everyone saw the Mad Titan cry for the first time. Gamora’s younger self is shown inside the Stone. She protects the Soul Stone from the inside. You don’t just throw the one you love off a cliff without a purpose.

Shuri will recreate another version of Vision

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

During the Battle of Wakanda, Shuri uses her technology to try to extract the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. Wanda was going to the destroy the Mind Stone after Shuri plucked it out. Of course, she and Vision were attacked when Wanda goes to help the Avengers with Thanos’ army. Shuri is a genius and I know she made a copy of the operation and stored it in her lab somewhere.

Captain Marvel will defeat Thanos

Captain Marvel
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

In the post credits scene of Infinity War, Nick Fury sent out a signal to Captain Marvel before turning to dust and blowing away. This is a very vague theory because I do not know anything about Captain Marvel. I will have to wait until her movie comes out next year or take the time and read her comics.

Thor’s ax will wield all Infinity Stones

Thor axe
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Thor created a powerful ax towards the ending of Infinity War. He will drop out of the sky like he was on a mission. Thanos and Thor will fight, of course, and Thor will destroy Gauntlet with the help of his fellow Avengers. The Stones will need a greater power than their own to stay relevant until they are destroyed.

The Time Stone will resurrect everyone who died before Thanos snapped his fingers

time stone-marvel
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Loki, Helmdell, Gamora, the Asgardians, etc. will be resurrected by the Time Stone. I would love for this theory to come true because it was sad to watch Loki and the Asgardians die on Thor’s Ship. Loki always manages to die and always seems to come back from the dead. I know he is dead now. I am more than certain that Thor will ask Dr. Strange to use the Time Stone to bring them all back, so he can rebuild Asgard and rule as king.

Nebula will find Thanos

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

The question my husband and I pondered after Infinity War ended was “how are the Avengers going to find Thanos?” The last scene of the movie we saw Thanos has retreated to an unknown world. Nebula found Thanos and nearly killed him before getting caught. Nebula is obsessed with killing her father, and to be honest I don’t blame her. In my opinion, Nebula is cyborg and she will use her machinery to locate Thanos.

Nebula will wield the Gauntlet

Thanos gauntlet
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

I save this prediction for last because I know in the comics Nebula takes the gauntlet from Thanos. The next Avengers will have Nebula wielding the gauntlet. She is the young dog in the whole MCU platform. I would like to see her triumph over Thanos after all he has done to her.

Avengers 4 (so far, it is untitled) will release next year on May 3, 2019. I am so excited to see it. I hope Marvel sticks to the comics. I can’t handle Marvel changing things around like most cinematic franchises have been doing for more than ten years. Hopefully, I will not be close to labor when the movie comes out.  From start to finish, the movie was a roller coaster. I was surprised I kept up. It was a space opera with a lot of themes: love, betrayal, sacrifice, and humility, to name a few. I have never watched a movie crossover as well constructed as Avengers: Infinity War was. MCU went all out for its tenth anniversary and showed the competition they were the ones on top of the cinematic universes. Whatever happens in the next Avengers movie will be awesome.


Featured image credit: Marvel Entertainment

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