Gabby Ramirez

Comic Con Artist: Gabby Ramirez

Texas Latino Comic Con is coming back for its second year on Saturday July 28 in downtown Dallas at the Latino Cultural Center. The free event is dedicated to highlighting Latino artists, writers, and creators of the comic con community, one of which is comic con artist Gabby Ramirez!

Gabby Ramirez is based in Houston, TX and does graphic design, illustration, and 3D modeling. She’s traveled to comic cons all over Texas and to some cons out of state as well. (Keep reading to find out where else she’ll be at this fall!) Gabby’s unique artistic style stood out to me two years ago when I walked by her artist booth at Comicpalooza. I personally own two prints of Gabby’s Daenarys Targaryen and Alice In Wonderland.

I had the opportunity to interview Gabby for this artist feature. Learn more about Gabby, her projects, and her fandoms!

Ariel and Flounder / Print illustration by Gabby Ramirez

How did you get started creating your artwork and attending comic cons?

I have actually only been doing cons for a year. My friend Kai (Novekai) got me into it. My first show was Space City Comic Con two years ago, I went in not knowing much and I didnt book another con until last year, it gave me time to do some research and work on more artwork. Unfortunately I was laid off last year and was unemployed for about 8 months. That’s what really got me into doing more cons.

What is your creative process?

I am always coming up with ideas. I try and have a sketchbook with me at all times, but when I don’t I just jot a small note of what I have in mind on my phone. When I start an illustration, I start with several different lightly sketched poses. I then chose the final one I want and color block. Then I add the final details. If its a simple character it takes me about 1 -2 hours, when its several different characters it take me about 4-5 hours.

Bulma / Print illustration by Gabby Ramirez

You attended The Art Institute of Houston and graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. What advice do you have for aspiring art students?

This is going to sound harsh but chose a different school. I don’t regret going there–I met some of my closest friends in college. As far as teaching, I felt like they didn’t really care. I learned a lot from other students and YouTube. If you do want to have a background in art, do your research on different schools, some of the best art schools are in California and Florida. Work really hard to build an awesome portfolio.

You stated in a previous interview that your dream job is to work for Disney. What would you like to do at Disney if you had the opportunity?

If I ever get the chance to work for Disney, I would love to do character design! That’s my ultimate goal. Honestly anything in the animation department would be awesome! I just want to work for them!

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast / Print illustration by Gabby Ramirez

You’re based in Houston. Do you have a few favorite places (coffee shops/cafes/etc) you go to for inspiration or to work? Any you recommend for local Houston artists?

I go to Honey Art Cafe a lot! The owners are also artists and they make really good sweets! Every Wednesday is Artist Night. That’s when I usually go to meet up with some friends, we draw and eat good food!

Do you consider yourself a geek or nerd girl? If yes, what kind of geek or nerd?

I do consider myself kind of nerdy, I suppose. I know an awful lot about movies. Anything that has to do with space, I am all for it! I do play some Dungeons and Dragons with my friends when I can but everyone has their own thing!

Favorite fandoms?

I will always love Harry Potter! I have been a fan since I was 10! I have the Hogwarts castle tattooed on my arm. It something I will always love.

Which conventions are you attending next?

I have several Conventions coming up, first being Texas Latino Comic Con in Dallas! Sadly, I have no con appearances in Houston, but I will be attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, Staple ATX, Tampa Bay Megacon, Dallas Fan Days, and Alamo City Comic Con. I also have small gallery shows in Houston in between.

What is your most memorable comic con memory?

MEETING JEFF GOLDBLUM!!! Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time. I was at Fan Expo Dallas and I got to do a photo op with him. It was actually a birthday gift from my dad! It was awesome!!! He is the sweetest person ever.

You have incredible artwork on female characters: Daenerys Targaryen, Belle, Alice in Wonderland, Merida, Kiki, etc. What other female characters are you planning to sketch next?

I have a list on my phone that I keep adding more to. I do take suggestions from people: when I do a show, I get a lot of requests. On my list are Sailor Scouts, Ms. Marvel, Honey Lemon, Squirrel Girl, and a lot of female characters! I am slowly working on them, look forward to having more originals out as well!

You can follow Gabby on Instagram and check out her Etsy shop. Catch her booth at Texas Latino Comic Con this Saturday July 28!


Featured image credit: Desi Farias

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