RTX 2018: ‘Mega64’ panel

It’s crazy to think that 2003 was 15 years ago! Back then, there wasn’t a YouTube or even dedicated video game content creators. Well, that is besides Red vs. Blue and Mega64. Mega64 is known for their irrelevant humor, and that’s pretty much how their RTX panel went last weekend.

Article by Stephen Ramirtha, Photos by Audrey Browning

After starting with a video highlighting the past 15 years of Mega64, it ended abruptly with the Mega64 crew doing a choreograph of a little song called “Gangnam Style.” If you didn’t have enough time to pull out Shazam, Rocco was kind enough to let you know who the artist was. We were also treated to a joke Rocco was work-shopping:

Tom Hardy in "Venom"
Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Columbia Pictures

Tom Hardy misread the script for Venom. He thought it said Venmo.

I’ll give it a C+. After introducing the main panelists (Garret, Shawn, and Rocco), they treated fans to some old school Mega64 content by playing a 2006 demo reel they originally sent to Adult Swim. Eric joined the cast for a second before someone mentioned he should be at the RT Podcast panel. Eric quickly dashed out the door and never returned. The randomness only continued from there.

“Mario Monks”

After showing off a trailer for Mega64 Version 4.1, the team played their latest episode of Flame War Theater, “Mario Monks”.

It’s pretty crazy how far the Internet rabbit hole can go! Also, we need an investigative report on where the Mario Monks are now.

In making Flame Wars, Rocco commented how it can be tough to remember the typos. “You’ll have three versions of ‘because’ in one paragraph, and you’ll have to remember how to pronounce each individual one.” Mega64 then proceeded to show the Second Greatest Video Ever Made (which has been a cult classic among panel attenders). It’s never been uploaded anywhere, so you’ll have to take our word for it that it is the second best video ever created.


Garret, Shawn, and Rocco of Mega64
Garret, Shawn, and Rocco of “Mega64” / Credit: Audrey Browning/Geek Gals

The Mega64 guys then opened up the floor to questions. Rocco recapped questions they’ve already been asked during their other conventions:

  1. They have not been arrested while making any of their videos.
  2. Rocco will not have sex with your wife.

If there was ever a Mega64 game made, the team already has Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto as directors, with Platinum Games producing. Essentially, it’ll be the best game of all time. Working with both Kojima and Miyamoto on videos, Mega64 found that their humor is very similar to Japanese humor since both are usually visual. And working with top figures in the gaming industry, the price developers have to spend to get things done was surprising. Apparently, someone has a really expensive business card.

A few questions about past videos came up, and the team shared fond memories they had. Like that one time Rocco trapped kids by barricading them with benches at the mall for a Dead Rising video — apparently, they forgot to hit record and had to go back a week later to re-shoot.

Or that one time while filming Version 3, Shawn got glass stuck in his back after getting hit by a lightbulb, and they had to redo the take since the main camera wasn’t recording. The lesson here is to always make sure you’re recording.

As the Q&A session continued, the answers became more sincere. When asked about what they were most proud of, Shawn mentioned how they were the first to start to make video game-related content, make their clothing brand more stylish than in your face with branding, and be their own network. As Garret put it, they’re “the cool indie punk band that will never sell out.” Rocco shared that it means a lot when someone comes up to them and says they got into making videos or their life was impacted because of them. Shawn talked about two people that met at their booth one year, were dating the next year, got married the year after, and most recently brought their kid to see them. Of course, the sentimental moment was interrupted when Rocco saw someone sleeping in the audience and decided to wake them up by pretending there was a snake on stage.

Even if you didn’t know much about them, you could tell their comedic chemistry played well off of each other, and it was a hoot listening to their silly antics and banter. While there were many unanswered questions about the whereabouts of Eric and what the Mario Monks are doing now, the audience walked away with plenty of laughs.

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