RTX 2018: Ladies of Let’s Play panel

I remember those nights back in college where my friends and I would go to a 24-hour diner at 3 a.m. and just talk about whatever. Dumb jokes, games you’re playing, how life’s been going, conspiracy theories, just pretty much anything that came to mind. Essentially, that’s what the Ladies of Let’s Play panel was — a bunch of cool ladies shooting the breeze and having a great time all the while.

Article by Stephen Ramirtha, Photos by Audrey Browning

The panel, organized by Elyse Willems, featured female Let’s Players from different company. For some, this was the first time meeting each other! Once introductions were all in order, the panel kicked things off with they’ve seen at RTX so far. Lindsay Jones mentioned that 10 proposals already happened at this RTX, and there was a sign at the JW Marriott that said “don’t have sex in the ice room.” Full disclosure: The proposals and the JW Marriott sign are unrelated. Autumn unfortunately lost her first place lead in Let’s Play Live when she got hit by two blue shells and moved from first to seventh place in Mario Kart. Mamma mia! And Lindsey Washburn got to try out one of the Lime scooters that have invaded Austin. The panel made a case to Lime to be a sponsor — no word from rival scooter company, Bird, as of yet. Like I said, this panel’s pretty much those college days just hanging out with friends! Elyse then segued into the first question, and a very important one at that.

Which Hogwarts House are you?

Lindsay: Slytherin

Lindsey: Gryffindor

Alanah: Slytherin

Joey: Ravenclaw

Elyse: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff

For some reason, Autumn didn’t answer. Maybe she’s still waiting for her letter? In any case, the panel continued with more character-defining questions.

Who is your main in Smash?

Lindsay: Young or Toon Link. Wants to play Daisy in Ultimate.

Lindsey: Has never played Smash Bros (gasp!)

Alanah: Kirby

Joey: First time she ever played Smash was at E3 this year (gasp again!) Liked Ridley

Autumn: Bowser

Elyse: Roy because of the crowd’s chant.

Changing the subject to a more serious discussion, Elyse asked what each did to practice self-care. Lindsay joked that she showered. Alanah joked that she didn’t. But for her serious answer, she mentioned she’d go to the gym and listen to music — her time to zone out. Joey talked about how games were her way to put down her phone and focus on one thing, free from any other distraction. Autumn talked about how she challenged herself to not be afraid of more “girl stuff” like face masks. Elyse mentioned how she uses yoga to make time for herself.

Back to video games and randomness, Elyse asked the panel to choose a video game title that best described their life.

Lindsay: Mary Kate and Ashley: Sweet Sixteen. But in reality, Katamari since life is just compiling a lot of craziness and just rolling with it.

Alanah: Also Katamari.

Joey: Persona 5. Life’s pretty much eat, sleep, and work, so she wanted to live vicariously through a persona that does cool stuff at night.

Autumn: Cooking Mama. The panel had a negative reaction to Science Papa.

Elyse: Animal Crossing

If Elyse sees a dog, she crosses the street to pet them. The rest of the panel was quick to tell her this isn’t how Animal Crossing works.

*Lindsey blanked on this question. She meant to come back to this one, but didn’t get a chance to.

Lindsay Jones, Lindsey Washburn, and Alanah Pearce
Lindsay Jones, Lindsey Washburn, and Alanah Pearce / Credit: Audrey Browning/Geek Gals

After a few more silly questions, the panel talked about some of their proud moments in their work. Lindsay was especially proud of all her work with Rooster Teeth and made a special mention for Achievement Hunter and Chaos Corner. Lindsey brought up both a cook-off she had with Elyse and a “horror movie” about YouTube demonitization. Alanah talked about her high accolade of being the first person in the world to finish Gears of War 4’s horde mode and producing videos about the game developer’s process. As part of events, community management merchandise, and marketing, Joey loved whenever she got to meet people she interacted with online at events. For Autumn, she enjoyed the behind-the-scenes videos made for Sugar Pine.

And what about Elyse? Well, dear readers, I don’t think I have that written down. She might have said something, or maybe she skipped over that question. However, I do have a hunch of what she might say. Before this panel, I actually didn’t know much about these women. When I walked away though, I felt like I knew them all for years.

Alayna Pearce / Credit: Audrey Browning/Geek Gals

And in all honesty, this panel wasn’t what I was expecting. There wasn’t so much talk about what their jobs are like, but more about what they’re like as people. This panel gave a chance for them to unwind, connect with their audience, and be themselves. I know that Elyse is most proud of making a space for amazing women in gaming at RTX.


Featured image credit: Audrey Browning/Geek Gals

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