The Bingeables Podcast: ‘Disenchantment’ Season 1, Ep. 1-5

What do you get when a princess, a demon, and an elf come together for mischief? Matt Groening presents his latest animated series Disenchantment! Brought to you by Netflix, the animated series premiered Friday, Aug. 17.

Groening’s back to give us another fantastic animated series after the long successes of The Simpsons and Futurama. While The Simpsons continues with its 30th season and Futurama wrapped up in 2013, it was about time we see something new. Groening takes us back to the past in medieval fantasy times. While there have been mixed reviews about Disenchantment, we were still ecstatic to watch the show and give it a chance.

To kick off our new podcast series “The Bingeables,” our co-hosts ChinLin and Isaac are back from their “Initiate Splinter Sequence” podcast about 12 Monkeys to talk about Disenchantment season 1 episodes 1 to 5.

Have you binged on Disenchantment? What are your thoughts on the show? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @geekgals.co! And stay tuned for our next “Bingeables” episode where we will discuss episodes 6 to 10.


Featured image credit: Netflix

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