Captain Marvel poster of Brie Larson

‘Captain Marvel’ Reactions: SPOILER-FREE Tweets

I’ve seen numerous headlines for reviews of Captain Marvel, both great and terrible. I say headlines because sadly, I wasn’t able to see the movie on opening weekend. *Insert crying face emoji here* Not all geeks can make it to opening weekend.

But… I have avoided enough spoilers to go in with an open mind for this compilation of spoiler-free reactions on Twitter. And not to get all mushy but one thing’s for sure, I will always stick with my girls and I’m so happy to be apart the MCU fandom.

It’s also those fans, and even the naysayers, that make for some of the best tweets out there. So here are some of the best *spoiler-free* Captain Marvel tweets I’ve seen so far … safe for the slackers like me.

The Wholesome

The Stan Lee Cameo

The Plot

The Pure

The Artistic

The Empowering

So after just a small preview of Captain Marvel tweets still rolling in after this last weekend, I’m definitely intrigued. It could be the polar opposite love and hate battles going on in the social media world or maybe it’s just the adorable cat, Goose, obviously Anthony Edwards namesake … either way, this will surely be a movie I’ll have a strong opinion on.

Have you seen it? Care to leave a spoiler-free comment below?

Featured image credit: Marvel Entertainment

2 thoughts on “‘Captain Marvel’ Reactions: SPOILER-FREE Tweets

  1. Love this post! I saw a midnight 3D screening of Captain Marvel the night it came out and it was SO much fun! I adored the cat from the very start, and loved the plot twists that it brought 😂 Fury is also a great character. I can’t wait to see more of Captain Marvel in future movies!


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