2019 reboot of anime series "Fruits Basket"

Spring Anime Series To Watch

There’s a couple of new anime series that are just making their debuts this spring and others that are returning for new and exciting seasons. Spring has already brought up some absolutely stunning shows like Mob Psycho 100 II, The Promised Neverland, and Dororo. Here are some more anime series that you should keep an eye on this season.

Warning: there are minor spoilers ahead!

Fruits Basket


Premiere Date: Apr. 6, 2019

Where to Watch This? Funimation, Crunchyroll

This is a series I’m very excited for. Fruits Basket was the first manga I ever bought and it has such good memories for me. There was a previous anime adaptation of the series in 2001 and that twenty-six episodes. This new iteration of the series will have an entirely new staff, as requested by the mangaka,  Natsuki Takaya.

The story follows Tohru Honda who finds herself displaced after the death of her mother. She lived with her grandfather for a short time but had to leave due to renovations. She begins living in a tent by herself, keeping her struggles a secret. One of her classmates, Yuki Soma, and his cousin Shigure, find this out and allow her to move in with them until she has a more permanent place to stay. When she starts to get settled, another one of Yuki’s cousins, Kyo, crashes through the ceiling. Yuki and Kyo have an obvious tension and when Tohru tries to intervene, she falls onto Kyo revealing a huge secret about the Soma family. When hugged by someone of a different sex, members of the Soma family transform into animals —they’re all possessed by the spirits of the zodiac.

The adventures that follow range from wholesome, to comedic to heartbreaking. It’s an interesting series and one I definitely recommend. As a person who already knows what happens, the anime so far has still been enjoyable. This remake is also suppose to follow the manga to a T unlike the previous anime.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Premiere Date: Apr. 6, 2019

Where to Watch This? Hulu, Crunchyroll

Koyoharu Gotōge’s series centers around Tanjiro Kamado. He and his family live in the mountains, a good distance away from town. He helps his family make money by selling charcoal and doing odd jobs. It’s clear that he’s a good kid with how well he’s received and called upon in town. After he returns from a day of work, he finds his family dead after a brutal demon attack. Nezuko, his sister, is the only survivor. Because of a wound she sustained during the attack, she has transformed into a demon herself. However, instead of losing control due to newfound bloodlust, she still holds on to humanity. The events lead to Nezuko becoming a demon hunter to help find a way to save his sister and avenge his family.

This is a series that a read a bit of and absolutely loved. It’s interesting and has some great characters so far. It’s a series that you can’t help be curious about because there’s a want for Nezuko to be safe and for Tanjirou to succeed. From what I’ve seen if the anime so far, the manga style translated well to animation and looks great overall.

Fairy Gone


Premiere Date: Apr. 8, 2019

Where to Watch This? Hulu

I’ve only heard about this series around the time of its announcement. It’s an original series so there’s no point of comparison like with the other series mentioned earlier. However, the plot sounds appealing and the series looks like it’s worth checking out. This particular story takes place in a world where humans can call upon fairies to fight for them. These fairies inhabit the bodies of animals however it’s possible to transplant the organs of these possessed animals into humans which, in turn, gives them great abilities. The continent of Eastald was racked with a war that used these techniques. In the midst of this, two girls named Veronica and Maria are separated when their village is destroyed.

Years after the war had ended, Maria joins the mafia. At an auction, Maria meets Free Underbar, the head of security. There, Maria also runs into Veronica who is at the event to steal the item. Maria naturally gives chase and in the fray, a fairy is set free and merges with Maria. The merge lets Maria remember moments from her childhood with Veronica — one in particular is a scene where Veronica promises to get revenge on those who responsible for the destruction of their village. Veronica does end up escaping and Free reveals that he works for an organization called Dorothea that investigates fairy related crimes. Maria, now an illegal fairy user, is given the choice to join Free or go to jail. She chooses to go with Free and also hopes to be reunited with her long long friend.

One Punch Man 2


Premiere Date: Apr. 10, 2019

Where to Watch This? Hulu

The first season of this show was a wild but great ride making the second season highly anticipated. ONE’s One Punch Man is set in a world where monstrous villains are an unfortunate norm. To help fight this issue, there is a Hero Association that employs powerful people to combat these monsters. These heroes are ranked from Class C to Class S with S being the highest.  One of these heroes is Saitama — a low class hero that actually has an amazing ability. He can defeat anyone with one punch. His power has lead him to become bored with life since nothing offers him any real challenge anymore. Many people don’t know about his abilities as well save for Genos, a cyborg who witnessed Saitama’s powers and decided to stick with him. The two end up facing multiple villains and find themselves in a variety of situations that endanger the world around them.

The series is a fantastic mix of comedy, action and emotion. There’s a lot of characters so it’s easy to find one that watchers can connect to. The first season, as mentioned earlier, was very well received. The announcement that season 2 would be picked up by a different animation company and director worried many especially after waiting for the series continuation since season one’s end in 2015. However, if it follows the same formula as the first season, it’s sure to be a hit.

Bungou Stray Dogs, Season 3


Premiere Date: Apr. 12, 2019

Where to Watch This? Crunchyroll

This series starts with Atsushi Nakajima who is seeing a tiger lurking around his orphanage. Strangely enough, only he seems to be aware of it. With the rise in unexplainable instances, he’s kicked out of the orphanage and left to his own devices. Starving and homeless, Atsushi saves a man named Osamu Dazai — a strange and eccentric detective. He also meets Dazai’s colleague, Doppo Kunikida. It turns out Dazai has been investigating occurrences related to the tiger as well. It’s revealed that the tiger caused severe damage to the orphanage Atsushi had been kicked out of. Dazai brides Atsushi with the promise of money if he helps capture the tiger. Atsushi goes along with the plan easily enough.

Things take a turn when Atsushi himself turns into the tiger they’re after. Dazai subdues him and the events after lead to Atsushi joining Dazai in his work as a supernatural investigator.

I’ve heard about this show before but never watched it so the return of the new season made me want to see what the hype was about. I haven’t gotten far but the series is fascinating enough and the characters are pretty eccentric, making their interactions pretty entertaining.

Attack On Titan, Season 3 Part 2


Premiere Date: Apr. 29, 2019

Where to Watch This? Crunchyroll

Last but not least is the third season of the Attack on Titan. Strangely enough, this season actually started in 2018 but after twelve episodes came out, the show went on an hiatus. It’s definitely been awhile but I’m sure no ones forgotten the amazing animation that Attack on Titan is well known for. People have been highly anticipating the return of this show.

The anime takes place in a world where large human like creatures called ‘titans’ eat humans for unknown reasons. Humans, trying to protect themselves, built walls to keep them out. Eren Jaeger, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman, and best friend Armin Arlert live in one of the outer walls. One day, the wall of their city is breached by a titan without warning. The titans killed without discrimination and one of the victims was Eren’s mother. Wanting revenge Eren enlist into the military, more specifically the Survey Corp, with Mikasa and Armin.

When another attack occurs, Eren is eaten by one of the titans but lives and it’s revealed that he can turn into a titan as well. The rest of the series is a mixture of action and suspense over the looming threat of not only the titans but the people inside the walls.


There’s a lot of cool content being put out this year and this is just a few. I’m definitely planning on catching up with some shows and starting some of these new ones.

Let us know what your favorite anime of this season is!

Featured image credit: TMS Entertainment

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