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Cosplay Hacks I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Whether you’re new to cosplaying or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn when it comes to cosplay.

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Image credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

These are simple cosplay tips that anyone can do that help make their cosplaying experience a little bit easier. Many tips seem straightforward, but they’re things that I skipped over in my earlier years of cosplaying and wish someone had told me to try.

Do Multiple Makeup Tests

Cosplay Hack #1: Do multiple makeup tests
Photo credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

This might also seem like a no brainer but practice your character’s makeup multiple times until you’ve get a set routine. I’ve learned the hard way that just throwing anything on the day of a con or photoshoot can go horribly wrong. Even trying new products the day of can be a mess. Once I used a new primer the same day I had a photoshoot and before I even arrived, it caused the makeup to separate on my face. I couldn’t even blend it in as a fix. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Things like that happen all the time so having a general idea of what products you want to use and what look you’re going for helps – especially if your doing a complicated look.

Practicing your makeup for each character more than once can help you improve too! My first Ochako cosplay makeup test wasn’t horrible or anything but it is much better now. 

Marion cosplay makeup
Marion cosplay makeup / Photo credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

In the same vein, take pictures during your makeup test to see how it turned out. It’s possible for makeup to look perfect in the mirror but still look wonky in photos. I did a costest for the character Marion from Critical Role a few weeks ago. Everything looked fine at first glance but when I took a picture with the flash on, it was like I was looking at a completely different photo. Checks for makeup is already important but it’s even more so when doing face paint. Point is, doing checks like this can help avoid being unhappy with your final cosplays.

Dance Tights

Photo credit: @tlp.s on Instagram

Don’t wanna shave? You did shave but went wrong somewhere? It’s seems like something that doesn’t matter that much but a pair of dance tights can help give a cosplay a cleaner look. Your legs look so much more even and can also give a level of comfort if your cosplay is on the more revealing side. 

Tights can also help make a costume more weather appropriate. Like a fool, one year at Katsucon, I cosplayed Phos from Houseki no Kuni. Pretty much every single character in the show wears a short bodysuit. Needless to say, at a snowy con at the start of the year wasn’t the best place to wear it. However, wearing tights was a HUGE help and kept me relatively warm when my group went outside to snag a few photos. It also made my legs look pretty good so there’s that too. 

Fashion Tape

This stuff has saved me so many times. You can use this to keep clothing in place on your body. For example, if your cosplay includes something like a strapless dress, you can use this tape to help secure everything. I’ve used it to keep neck ties in place. You can also use it to help thigh-high socks stay up properly.

Glue Your Wig

When running around a con all day, your wig is bound to mess up. There’s no greater annoyance than getting wig hair in your mouth and eyes because it won’t stay in place. One solution to this is to glue parts of the wig to your face. I just use a stick of Elmer’s glue on the sides of my cheeks and a little on my forehead. You can also use toupee tape for this. It helps keep wig hairs in place and is especially useful for wigs that are very stylized. It can also help hide your real hair from peeking through. 

Silicon Spray 

Sailor Mars cosplay
Sailor Mars cosplay / Photo credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

Long wigs tangle. It’s just part of life. However, silicon spray can help prevent disastrous tangles. Spray a small amount on your wig and comb it so it coats the fibers well and then let it dry. Next time you’re running around, your wig will tangle less. If it does tangle, it’ll be much easier to get out.

When spraying, keep in mind that you shouldn’t breathe it in too much. It’s also important to try and not get it all over your floor since it can make it very slippery.

Wig Clips

Miku cosplay
Miku cosplay / Photo credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

Sometimes wigs just slide off your head. You can put a thousand bobby pins in a wig and it can still move around. This can often happen if your wig is too heavy or if it has a ponytail in the back. However, at times, it feels like it’s sliding for no reason at all. Sewing a clip into your wig can make it more secure once it’s on your head. A few sewn into the front or the back of a wig can be super helpful.

Sweat Pads

No matter what con or event you’re going to, chances are, you’re going to sweat. Sweat pads are little strips that you can put on the armpit area of your shirts. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable but it can also help combat pit stains and the like. Thin panty liners can do the exact same thing as sweat pads and can be a much cheaper option.

That’s all!

Those are just a few hacks to up your cosplay game. If you ever used any of these tips, let us know! If you have any hacks that weren’t listed here, feel free to share in the comments.

Featured image credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

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