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The Sky is Falling!: Don’t Starve Together’s Newest Update

With Klei Entertainment’s recent release of the Turn of Tides update for their multiplayer Don’t Starve Together on PC, there are a lot of fun new additions. It’s a time of new characters, new lands, and new players.

Article by Naomi Prewitt

New Characters Join the Constant

Our three new characters consist of Wormwood, Wortox, and Warly. These characters come with unique mechanics which makes them a refreshing change in playstyle. Are you looking for more of a base-building character?


Wormwood is a great choice for that, his main perk being the Green Thumb crafting tab. This new tab allows you to create many unique items such as the Bramble Husk armor, the Bramble Trap, the crafting material Living Log, as well as a healing item that is only usable by Wormwood called a Compost Wrap. Wormwood can also plant seeds without the use of farms, letting you get your food production well underway for the food scarce Winter season.


Wortox’s special powers revolves around the use of his character exclusive item, the Soul. When a player or mob dies near Wortox he can gain a Soul, typically the bigger the baddie the more Souls you get. He can eat these Souls which will restore 18 Hunger at the cost of 5 Sanity. Additionally, he can release these Souls and  can heal himself and others up to a good 20 Health. Spend another Soul and you can perform a Soul Hop which can teleport you short distances, helping you bait enemies attacks enemies more easily as well as quickly filling up your map.


With Warly you can experience all the culinary delights Don’t Starve Together can muster. Spawning in with his Portable Crockpot and a couple of ingredients, cooking meals from the beginning allows you to keep you and your friends full and happy. He also comes with the knowledge on how to build a Portable Grinding Mill and Seasoning Station. With these and the necessary ingredients, you can add Seasoning to food for additional buffs such as decreased damage taken, increased material gathering speeds, and increased damage dealt by players.

A Whole New World…to Starve In!

The update exclusive Lunar Island consists of five new biomes to explore. You can explore the Rocky Beach, Lunar Archipelago, Lunar Forest, Lunar Baths, and Lunar Mine. 

The Rocky Beach and the Lunar Archipelago

These two biomes are both similar beach-type, in which you can find Bull Kelp, Bones, and Reeds, along with the Anenemy which can be used as a trap similar to Tooth Traps but they will cause damage to all players if walked over.

The Lunar Forest

In the Lunar Forest you will find an abundance of Lune Trees, harvesting these will give you Lune Blossoms and Wood. Just beware that the only way to replant these trees is to catch the Moon Moths that spawn when the tree is chopped down and planting them, similarly how Butterflies are planted to create Flowers.

The Lunar Baths and the Lunar Mine

In the Lunar Baths and Lunar Mine, you will find one of the most important crafting materials in the update, Moon Glass. Mine these pretty stones for Moon Shards to craft the majority of the new Lunar-exclusive items.

The purpose of the island is to introduce new resources and an exclusive crafting station that can only be accessed while on the island. To do so you must scour the areas looking for three strange looking rock formations called the “Inviting Formations.” By mining these and assembling the pieces over a Lunar Fissure your will create the Celestial Altar, which is different than the Celestial Orb for changing the Florid Poster spawn to a Celestial Postern. Via the altar you can craft island exclusive items like Bath Bombs and the Glass Cutter weapon.

While there are new resources and enemies to loot, who could be the best characters to do this?

It’s Time, to Survive

If you are a solo player, Webber is a great choice. With his special ability to befriend spiders, he can quickly turn Shattered Spiders and their AoE attacks to your staunch allies. This will make it easier for when those pesky Hounds re-spawn as new and improved Horror Hounds.

The battlers would appreciate a team-up of Wolfgang as the meaty tank, Wortox for his healing abilities, and Warly with his spiced dishes and portable crockpot making buff-giving meals on the go. Substituting Wigfrid for Wolfgang as the tank if she’s more your playstyle is perfectly acceptable. With her health regen after a kill balances her 200 health to Wolfgang’s 300 when he’s fully fed, if you’re still shaky on your kiting skills bring some healing items or a Wortox to keep you healthy.

If you are a player who doesn’t want to worry about the new “Enlightenment” mechanic encouraging insanity, bring a Wormwood with seeds, shovel, and a bug net. You can go insane quickly by decimating the forests of Lune Trees and Stone Fruit Bushes and quickly regain your sanity before leaving the island by planting Moon Moths that you’ve caught and seeds.


While there are plenty of new exciting characters to play, it really boils down to what you are comfortable playing and having fun with! So while we can’t yet shoot for the stars in this game, we can at least explore the moon.

Have you played the game Don’t Starve Together? Let us know your thoughts!

Featured image credit: Klei Entertainment

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