Geek Style Outfits For Fall 2019

Fall is my favorite season and time of the year. Unfortunately, since I live in Dallas, autumn does not really last long. Summers feel like they last forever and winter comes up pretty quick (mild yes, compared to the north but still cold and brisk).

To follow our tradition from last fall, I went through my closet to look for any geek shirts or accessories that I could form into geeky, chic outfits. Stuff to wear for your average day in fall! My fall in Dallas may not look like yours, but I hope these four geek outfits for fall to help inspire you.

Geek Gals founder and editor ChinLin Pan dons a Pokemon graphic tee and a pokeball scarf.
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

Photos by Emily Olkkola

Disclaimer: Items featured in this article are not sponsored.

Note: Not every item listed in this article is available, since some designs were only available for a limited time. Links to shops are embedded even if specific designs are no longer available for your browsing pleasure.

I wanna be a Pokemon master

Geek Gals founder and editor ChinLin Pan dons a Pokemon graphic tee and a pokeball scarf.
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals
Closeup of the Pokemon graphic tee and the pokeball scarf
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

If you’re still playing Pokemon Go (like me!), there’s a simple way to let fellow Pokemon masters at your local park know you’re playing. Sport a pokeball infinity scarf. It’s simple and yet makes a distinguishable accessory. Pairs well with dark-colored shirts and clothing, perfect for the fall season.

BONUS: If you can find a cute Pokemon-themed graphic tee to wear with the scarf, your geek outfit as a chic Pokemon master is complete.

Geek outfit items:

  • “Pokermon” graphic tee from TeeTurtle
  • Pokeball infinity scarf from Amazon

Get in touch with the Peanuts gang

Peanuts gang graphic tee from Uniqlo
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

I grew up watching the Charlie Brown TV specials on all the major holidays. I adored Linus believing in The Great Pumpkin. The Thanksgiving dinner that Snoopy and Woodstock whip up–adorable. I got into the Christmas spirit with Charlie Brown. Snoopy’s energy and creativity caught my attention every time. As an adult, I can still enjoy re-living the lessons of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Show off your love for the Peanuts gang when you wear a graphic tee.

Geek outfit items:

  • Peanuts gang graphic tee from Uniqlo

Fight Evil by moonlight (and in plaid)

Sailor Guardians and Batman graphic tee from TeeTurtle
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

Sailor Moon is THE most iconic girl power anime from the 1990s. I found this specific graphic tee featuring the Sailor guardians with Batman from TeeTurtle at a comic con a few years ago. As a fellow feminist and anime watcher, I thought this adorable mash-up design would be perfect for a casual outfit. Throw on a plaid button-up too!

Geek outfit items:

  • Sailor Guardians with Batman graphic tank top from TeeTurtle

Keep the Starks near your heart

Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals
Closeup of the direwolf magnetic pin
Credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

Only fellow Game of Thrones geeks (I’m talkin’ the ones who have read the books and have binged the show at least three times) would be able to understand my love for the show and the fandom. I just started reading the George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. To show off my love for House Stark, I bought a sigil pin from UK-based Etsy shop TipTopWorkshop. Since they’re magnetic, you don’t have to worry about poking holes in your shirts or jackets! I added my pin to a greyish jacket over a plain black tee.

Geek outfit items:

  • Direwolf Stark sigil magnetic pins from Etsy

I hope these geek-themed outfits help inspire you to come up with some of your own!

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Featured image credit: Emily Olkkola/Geek Gals

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