Feature: Pokemon Card Collector @SuperDuperDani

Pokemon has been in the hearts of many generations since 1996. It continues to create endless memories of fun times for geeks. With countless spin-offs of shows and films, that is only the surface of the frenzy Pokemon has within its entire brand.

Pokemon Card Frenzy 

The media franchise’s trading card game became a huge sensation in the early 90s and 2000s. In the world of this geek culture, trading cards are one of the biggest contributors to the popularity of Pokemon. Whether it may be Japanese exclusive cards, hard-to-get card packs, or just cool cards that aren’t sold a lot. With crazy amount of cards out there, many fans have started collections of their most precious and rare Pokemon cards. 

Enter Card Collector SuperDuperDani

SuperDuperDani believes collecting Pokemon cards allows people to re-live their youth and have fun with what Pokemon releases for their fans. 

“Nowadays it’s definitely got a nostalgic factor – many people collect because it brings back memories from their childhood. I also think that Pokemon does a great job of integrating their products between different parts of the fandom, ie they have the games, cards, anime, manga, plush toys, clothing, accessories, etc. (and I lowkey want to buy ALL OF IT)” 


While nostalgia is a huge factor in this world of card collecting, money is also a major bonus. Some cards hold a high amount of economical value. One rare card was lost during a mail order process and had a bounty of 1,000 dollars, the card had a worth of almost 60,000 dollars! The mystery of seeing how much a card could be worth is also a fascination to card holder, could they owners of a massive fortune or are their cards simply just not that rare or pricy at all.

Rare Pokemon Card Collecting 

SuperDuperDani happens to be one of the many Pokemon aficionados increasing their collection of cards. Rare or not, Dani does not usually mind the cards she gets however, she is trying to focus on collecting more cards that are deemed very rare. The collector also doesn’t have a set goal for any sort of amount of cards she would like to own. 

“I just like to find new ones that I don’t own yet. I’m more interested in collecting rare cards than collecting the most cards (quality > quantity for sure!)” 


From her Instagram, you can see Dani is not afraid to embrace her inner Pokemon geek and tries to share all her new Pokemon card findings with her followers. Just like a Japanese card of Ash Ketchum with Pickachu, sadly this card is not yet available in the United States. Two other rare gems in her possession are a base set and legendary collection Charizard.  In some of her posts you can catch glimpses of her Poke cave, which is where she keeps all of her Pokemon items stocked up and displayed in a safe space. 

Card Collecting and Content Creating

You can tell how much dedication and love Dani has for the franchise. The Pokemon Company has even sent her packages with plush toys, cards, and other major items! Her commitment has even led her to create a website where she sells some rare cards to fellow Pokemon card collectors. She sells cards for a certain value she believes are fair.

SuperDuperDani posts most of her Pokemon card reveals on her YouTube channel. She has been a dedicated Pokemon YouTuber for a span of eight years. Throughout her YouTube career, she has uploaded over 1,000 Pokemon-related videos to her channel! Those 1,000 related videos are close to the number of trading cards she owns. When asked about the amount of cards she owns Dani cannot put a numerical label on total she has. 

“Thousands – there’s no way I would be able to count/sort them all!’


With over 108,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, the 23 year-old has made a name for herself in the Pokemon card collecting community. She not only focuses on rare cards, but also un-boxing items that her viewers want to see. 

SuperDuperDani has quite the collection in her hands and it’s only getting bigger! Checkout more of this Pokemon queen and what she’s up to through her Instagram and YouTube channel. 

Do you have any rare Pokemon cards or cool collections to share? If so, please share them with us on Instagram and Twitter!

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