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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Anime Lovers

Valentine’s Day is approaching and that means it’s time to show your love! It can be hard to find a good present but luckily, we’re here to help. These gift ideas are perfect for anime lovers of all types. No matter what series your valentine is into, they’ll be sure to enjoy one of these simple but awesome gifts!

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Graphic credit: Keana Ghost/Geek Gals

Subscription Box

A graphic of subscription box Japan Crate
Graphic credit: Japan Crate

One of the best parts of this holiday is all the delicious sweets. Treat your partner to a Japanese snack subscription box so they can get a taste of unique treats. Boxes from places like Tokyo Treat and Japan Crate are always filled with handpicked goods so there’s bound to be something everyone can enjoy.

This is a fun gift since it’s a way to try something new. Plus, it’s totally shareable! This can be a one-time thing or something recurring. Since it’s a subscription, you choose to get it just for Valentine’s Day or look forward to getting the mail once a month.


Image credit: Good Smile Company

You can’t go wrong with a figure of your valentine’s favorite character. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get your hands on anime figures. This could be anything from Funko POPs to Nendoroids. Look around for something you know your partner would love!

The options are limitless since many characters have at least one figure. If the character is popular, they’ll be a ton more styles to pick from. 

Matching Keychains

Nothing says love like matching! If you and your valentine share a favorite series or really like a certain ship, why not get a pair of matching keychains? Places like Etsy are chock full of cute merch. Many fan artists also have their own personal stores.

If you have an artist you really like, check to see if they have a shop or take commissions. You don’t have to limit yourself to keychains either – buttons, pins, and posters could all be a great gift. Not only are you getting something great but you’re also supporting local artists!


One design of an anime shirt from Uniqlo
Graphic credit: Uniqlo

Places like Uniqlo and Hot Topic have made it super easy to get nice anime themed clothes while still being fashionable. The items are also super affordable so it’s a nice choice for the holiday. There are options for shows like Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia and more. Many designs are also really subtle making it perfect for everyday wear.

This could be another area where getting matching merch can be a good idea. With all the designs, you can rep your favorites together while not having to wear the same thing.

Con Tickets

Whether you’re a hardened con veteran or new to the scene, convention tickets as a gift are always cool. Check out that local convention you’ve had your eye on and prepare for a great weekend with your partner! Bonus points if the con is near or on Valentine’s Day (for example, Katsucon).

Usually if a convention falls around Valentine’s, some cosplayers hand out candy, cards and other fun little trinkets. It adds an extra layer of fun to the con atmosphere.

Makeup or Skincare

Skincare products featuring Sanrio characters from The Creme Shop
Image credit: The Creme Shop

You’d be surprised how many anime-themed cosmetic items there are. Series like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura have eye shadow palettes and brushes. Rude Cosmetics has a cute anime palette with a great selection of neutral shades.

The brand Holika Holika has super cute Gudetama themed skincare products like their serum. The Crème Shop also has a cute collab with mascots like Hello Kitty and My Melody. All of these are great options for a partner that is into makeup!


Similar to the figures, plushies come in all shapes and sizes. So many people give their partners teddy bears around this time. Why not get them their favorite character instead? You can find a whole bunch on sites like Crunchyroll or Otaku Mode. Even plushies that aren’t necessarily from an anime would be a good choice. The San-x Jinbei San plush is well known for being super soft and totally cute. 

Getting a plushie is a sure fire way to make sure you’re both as comfy as possible during your next cuddle session.

That’s All!

This list is a good starting place to get ideas of what to buy for your partner this February. You know them best so cater these items towards what they’re into. As long as it’s well thought out, your valentine is sure to love it!

What are some gifts you like to give to anime lovers on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @geekgalsco.

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Featured image credit: Ryan Yao/Unsplash

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