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5 Webtoons You Should Be Reading Right Now

Webtoons are an incredibly underrated medium for brilliant art and stories. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to find your next series, we have some recommendations for you!

Meow Man 

"Meow Man" webtoon
“Meow Man” webtoon / Creator: Oslo

Creator: Oslo

Translator: Dami Lee

In a Princess-and-the-Frog-like set-up, our college protagonist Bonnie Han starts our story by rescuing a cat from the rain, only to discover the cat is Claude Cattington the Third, a cat prince from the Cat Kingdom. In appreciation, he grants her three wishes — but this is where we are first introduced to the humorous twist.

Many of Bonnie’s initial wishes (winning the lottery or becoming a famous celebrity) are simply beyond his cat powers. And the one wish he is able to grant is getting Bonnie a handsome boyfriend. This he grants by offering himself as the boyfriend. Of course, this is simply the start of Meow Man. Chaos and drama ensue for the many chapters ahead. We meet a variety of people in Bonnie’s life as well as surprise appearances from cat people in Claude’s life. The tension between the unintentional meeting of the two worlds makes for a perfect comedy.

Have You Any Fear? 

"Have You Any Fear?" webtoon
“Have You Any Fear?” webtoon / Creator: Variety

Creator: Variety

This short 10-episode compilation series from a variety of artists explores the darker and often more sinister interpretations of childhood nursery tales or songs. Have You Any Fear? will certainly make you re-think the next time you sing “Ring Around the Rosie” or tell the story of “Jack and Jill” to your nieces and nephews. The series is incredibly fast to read. But the ideas linger for a very long time, with incredible art to boot. Although published in 2017, many of the stories built from the interpretations still sit in my mind today.

The Doctors Are Out 

"The Doctors Are Out" webtoon
“The Doctors Are Out” webtoon / Creator: Blau

Creator: Blau

Since I recommended something from a few years back, I thought I should at least balance it out with a shout-out to a series on the newer end! The Doctors Are Out is about two doctors, Dr. Matias Guevara (the human doctor) and Dr. Fernando Guevara (the animal doctor), who unfortunately have clinics established right next to the other! Their similar names often get the wrong patients in the wrong doors, leaving both doctors in a tense rivalry and ceaseless bickering. And why, yes, this is categorized as a romance.

Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid

"Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid" webtoon
“Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid” webtoon / Creator: Yongchan

Creator: Yongchan

With all honesty, I’m soft for anything that reminds me of the sports manga/anime Free!! so forgive me, but with all honesty, I think this series explores an interesting concept: a mermaid who is unable to swim — Choa, our story’s protagonist. When high school swimming star Soo discovers Choa’s true identity after accidentally pushing her into the pool, he offers to teach her to swim. But alas, drama ensues beyond the pool, and Choa struggles to stay afloat of not only the water, but also the rising tensions and secrets among other high school classmates curious to find out what Choa and Soo are up to!

Mage & Demon Queen

"Mage & Demon Queen" webtoon
“Mage & Demon Queen” webtoon / Creator: Color-LES

Creator: Color-LES

Mage & Demon Queen takes place within an RPG rogue-like game, where adventurers seek to climb the Demon Tower, defeating monsters at every floor, to defeat the Demon Queen Velverosa at the very top. Our protagonist is Malori Crowett, a mage, who upon meeting the Demon Queen was struck by her beauty, stating that she did not want to behead the Demon Queen, as her head would look prettier atop her head. She does, however, challenge her to battle nonetheless — but the prize Malori wants is for the Demon Queen to be her lover. Caught off-guard, the Demon Queen immediately incinerates Malori, and Malori respawns with a newfound purpose: love. This series is a fresh unique twist on RPG game-based stories, and certainly one that will suck you into the story itself!

Any webtoon recommendations you have? I’m all eyes. Please add to my neverending queue and tweet me at @czaw13 or tweet Geek Gals directly @geekgalsco!

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Featured image credit: Color-LES

2 thoughts on “5 Webtoons You Should Be Reading Right Now

  1. The Doctors are out is a really fun series, it’s quickly become one of my new favourites. I hadn’t heard of Mage & Demon Queen, but it sounds delightful, I’ll have to check it out!


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