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Top 5 Geek Places In Denton To Check Out

Denton, Texas, home of the great arts and music scene, is known for its abundance of local coffee shops. It’s a suburb that shows its pride with “I Heart Denton” stickers plastered on the poles by the crosswalk and shirts made by local small businesses that represent Denton. With the growth of bars and new restaurants, it’s no surprise that Denton is named one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live

In this article, I recommend top five geek places in Denton for all nerds and geeks to visit. If you’re in the area and need to get your nerdy fix on, these are the places that you should put on your checklist. Not only would you get to experience the geek culture, but you’ll also be able to support local businesses while you feast your eyes on cool merchandise!

Important note: During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure to stay safe for others and for yourself. Wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing. Some businesses, if not all, require you to wear a face covering prior to entering the establishment. Check their respective websites or call.

Here are five geek places in Denton to check out:

Recycled Books, Records, & CDs

200 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201

If you like to stumble across vintage memorabilia and jam to some hip music, then Recycled Books, Records, & CDS is the place for you! You can find all your fixings here while you browse through its great selection of music, rare items that are no longer sold in stores, or if you’re in need of a new book to read. 

Hence the name of the store, it is truly one of a kind! Recycled Books, Records, & CDS is one of Denton’s cherished local businesses. If you plan to get rid of anything, this place will make sure to find a safe home for it. I enjoy the little random knick knacks and cool trinkets they have. The smell of used books and vintage artifacts will summon the nerd inside of you!

More fun comics and games 

Storefront of More Fun Comics and Games, one of many geek places in Denton
Storefront of More Fun Comics and Games / Photo credit: Davie Nguyen/Geek Gals

103 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201

On the Denton Square, More Fun Comics and Games is the perfect place for those who enjoy spending hours looking through comic books. Ranging from different publishers and genres, it also carries Marvel and DC, with a variety of indie companies such as Boom! And IDW. 

Employees can assist you on your journey of finding a new series of comics to read relative to your interests. Even if you’re not the biggest comic book nerd, it’s still definitely a place worth checking out. Make sure to stop by to see if they have the latest comic book in stock! 

Otaku Scents 

anime candles by Otaku Scents, a geek business in Denton
Anime candles by Otaku Scents / Photo via Otaku Scents

New location to be open in fall 2020

Do you enjoy a good candle or maybe a themed candle with your favorite anime on it? Otaku Scents is the place you’ve been longing for. Candle maker, Ashley Roybal is the brains behind this clever operation. Her reason for making candles goes deeper than just selling them.

Coming home to light your candle and possibly listen to some soothing music is an ideal way to de-stress yourself. Even if you’re not into candles, you can also purchase other miscellaneous items from her as well. Although, if you need a new scent to spice up your home, you should definitely Naruto run to your nearest electronic device and purchase a candle! 

Game X Change 

Storefront of Game X Change, one of many geek places in Denton to check out
Storefront of Game X Change / Photo credit: Davie Nguyen/Geek Gals

610 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76201

If you have a game that’s been collecting dust overtime or don’t see the need for it anymore, Game X Change is a great place for that! With a large variety of hard-to-find games, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to find a game suitable for your specific format. They have a vast number of different game consoles for you to choose from. 

From Sega, Nintendo 64, Playstation 4, Xbox, Nintendo, and many others. It also carries a number of new-release Blu-Rays, DVDs, and box collections. Are you in need of something other than games? They also have pre-owned mobile phones and ipads. If you decide to invest in any of their electronic devices, you could score a good bargain without having to put a huge dent on your wallet at Best Buy! 

Madness comics and games 

Storefront of Madness Comics and Games, one of many geek places in Denton
Storefront of Madness Comics and Games, one of many geek places in Denton to check out / Photo credit: Davie Nguyen

1005 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76201

If you enjoy playing a good game of Magic or if you’re interested in playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you should make sure to look out for Madness Comics and Games. They are known for their hosting of weekly in-store events! Not only do they sell comic books, they also have a numerous selection of board games and action figures, which are also available to purchase. If you’re an extrovert, this place is your true calling! 


It is a family-friendly community where other geeks can peacefully come together to socialize and participate in events together. It is a great way to utilize your time, while forming possible friendships with others. 

Even if you can’t make it out to Denton, Madness Games has another location in Plano, a northern suburb of Dallas, you could stop by at. You’ll be able to finally scratch that Dungeons and Dragons itch, no matter whichever store you decide to go. 

Furthermore, if you are in Boston, you can check out Jamie’s Top 5 Places You Can Geek About In Boston guide here!

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