The Promised Neverland season 2 premieres on Jan. 7 on Crunchyroll.

The Promised Neverland Theories for Season 2

I finally binged the first season of The Promised Neverland on Netflix in just a day. And boy oh boy, I got theories for season 2. The suspenseful first season hooked me in right from the pilot and there’s so much more to look forward to in season 2.

Disclaimer: I have not read the manga and am only familiar with anime canon.

Warning: spoilers ahead for season 1 of The Promised Neverland

Here are my The Promised Neverland theories for season 2:

Isabella faces punishment or death, or both.

Look at it from The Headquarters’ point of view. A Mom at one of the “farms” lost 15 children who outsmarted her and managed to escape. Two of those 15 children are considered high quality “meat.” From a business standpoint, this Mom has lost her touch and should not have let go of her reinforcement, AKA Sister Krone. The Headquarters could punish her or demote her, though I don’t know what her title would be if her boss Grandmother demoted her.

The likely possibility I foresee is Isabella’s death sometime in the middle or at the end of season 2. Her background was revealed in the season 1 finale and we learned about her Handmaid’s Tale-esque journey and the decisions she carefully made to survive in this cruel, sadistic world. She could have a redemption arc where she decides to side with little Phil and the other children and gradually helps them escape. But I suspect she won’t be alive much longer. The Headquarters could always replace her as well with another Mom, perhaps more strict and scary.

We learn more about The Headquarters and the system.

We learned a great deal of how the harvesting works behind the scenes, but there’s still more questions left unanswered. Who is Grandmother? What are the demons exactly? How do they co-exist with the humans working for The Headquarters? Are there any men even left to work for The Headquarters? We know that 12-year-old girls at the moment of harvest are given an option to either die or become a Mom. But we don’t know anything about whether they give 12-year-old boys an opportunity to live. Which leads me to my next theory…

We find out if boys are given the chance to survive to help out The Headquarters.

Do the boys get to grow up and help with manual labor? This can’t be the first time a “farm” caught on fire and burned to the ground. The Headquarters would surely re-build a farm right? To do that, they need to make sure they have a team of laborers and contractors. This idea wouldn’t really be incorporated into a storyline, so my next theory is going to get… dark.

What if the boys are given the option to, when they grow up, donate their sperm? The Moms-in-training are required to give birth to a child before they become a Mother of a plant/farm. The year is 2045, and if every single boy is automatically going to become demon food, then the population is just going to die off at some point. Which means, they can’t possibly offer up all of the boys for the harvest. We know now that Ray is Isabella’s son. But will we learn who his father is as well? Or who Emma’s parents are? Who is Sister Krone’s child?

Perhaps we fast-forward 2 years into the future in The Promised Neverland season 2.

At this moment, I have no knowledge from the manga (and it’s taking all my strength to prevent myself from Googling). So like I mentioned, I only have anime canon. Based on what I know from season 1 and what I’ve seen executed in numerous other series (anime or live-action), it’s possible season 2 opens up a completely new world for viewers. We could see 14-year-old Ray and Emma, working together to carry out a plan to return to Plant Three and save Phil and the other kids they had to leave behind. Of course, it’s too hopeful to believe all 15 kids are still alive in two years. Gilda could be dead. Don could be dead, but he’s the next person who would be able to help Ray and Emma out as a leader. What sort of materials would they have with them to execute the next escape for the others? Do guns and other weapons exist in this 2045 (or 2047) world? What allies would they come across on the outside?

The Promised Neverland theories are endless

You could easily go down a rabbit hole when it comes to theories of anime series like this! These are my The Promised Neverland theories for season 2. We have just about two weeks before season 2 drops.

What are your theories on The Promised Neverland season 2? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @geekgalsco.

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