About Us

Who we are

We are a community of geeky/nerdy/dorky peeps (mostly gals, some guys–we welcome everyone!) who aren’t afraid to show off our fandoms.

Our mission

We are here to empower geeky women and celebrate a feminist culture all around.

Meet the team

ChinLin Pan | Founder & Editor

ChinLin is a sassy geek gal Dallasite-turned Austinite living in DTX with unfinished novels to write. She loves dogs, food, and other cute things. You can see her post food pics, dog pics, selfies, and other random stuff on Twitter and Instagram!

Julia Hankins | Lead Instagram Content Creator

Julia is a geeky Nashville native with a love for all things gaming and anime. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

Courtney Langdon | Senior Staff Writer

Courtney’s superpower is simplifying complex ideas, and she believes in science for the masses (especially girls), devours urban fantasy, and loves planning parties. You can read more about her parties here.

Jessica Garver | Senior Staff Writer

Jessica Garver is a long-time lover of all things geeky. She’s also a cosplayer, Ravenclaw, Whovian (SuperWhoLockian really), book nerd, writer, gamer, and a Twitter addict. Oh and sometimes she’s funny. You can follow her on Twitter.

Keana Ghost | Senior Staff Writer

A girl from New York who enjoys cosplaying, gaming, and eating pistachio cake.

Sara Gann | Staff Writer

Sara Gann is a Tarleton State graduate who loves Dungeons and Dragons and Fallout. She has two dogs and likes talking about all things retro and geeky over some vintage style cocktails. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Jamie Hare | Staff Writer

Jamie Hare is a teacher, traveler, writer, PROUD GAL GEEK originally from Atlanta, GA  who currently lives in Salem, MA with her cats and husband.

Jeannette ChinoChinako | Freelance Writer

Jeannette ChinoChinako is a cosplayer, gamer, and an all-around positive individual. She loves helping beginner cosplayers find their passion within the hobby and would love to hear from you! Jeannette has worked as a cosplayer with Ubisoft, is currently taking college classes, and also volunteers weekly at her local rabbit shelter helping the rabbits find permanent, loving homes. If you enjoy Jeannette’s cosplay, support her on Ko-fi.com.

Isaac Glenn | Podcast Co-Host and Photographer

Isaac is a longtime gamer, reader, and TV binger. He enjoys a variety of PC and console games. He loves to listen to audiobooks in the car. And he’ll binge on shows and then (usually) rant about everything wrong with their universes.

Jordyn Nguyen | Anime Culture Reporter Intern

Cami Lyon | Social Media Marketing Intern

Past Writers

  • David F. Pendrys
  • Maria Jennine
  • Alisha Kelley
  • Stephen Cleath
  • Rebecca Fultz
  • Jaime Dominguez
  • Summer Walker
  • William Gray

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