About Us

Who we are

Geek Gals is a community of geeky/nerdy/dorky peeps (mostly gals, some guys–we welcome everyone!) who aren’t afraid to show off our fandoms.

Our mission

Geek Gals is here to empower geeky women and celebrate a feminist culture all around.

Meet the team

ChinLin Pan | Founder & Editor

ChinLin is a sassy geek gal Dallasite-turned Austinite living in DTX with unfinished novels to write. She loves dogs, food, and other cute things. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram!

Fiona L.F. Kelly | Copy Editor

Fiona L.F. Kelly is a professional writer and co-founder of Project Derailed. She lives in Cleveland with her partner, her cat, and her many houseplants. Fiona has been published in The Mary Sue, Jenny Magazine, New Frontiers, and gaming and pop culture websites across the internet and she was recently a writer for Onyx Path Publishing’s latest edition of Aberrant.

Julia Hankins | Lead Instagram Content Creator

Julia is a geeky Nashville native with a love for all things gaming and anime. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

Keana Ghost | Senior Staff Writer

A girl from New York who enjoys cosplaying, gaming, and eating pistachio cake.

Jamie Hare | Senior Staff Writer

Jamie Hare is a teacher, traveler, writer, PROUD GAL GEEK originally from Atlanta, GA  who currently lives in Salem, MA with her cats and husband.

Jordyn Nguyen | Freelance Writer

Jordyn Nguyen is a free-spirited, anime loving, and k-pop enthusiast who believes avocado goes with everything. One of her favorite things to do is look at the stars and think about how far those lights have traveled to reach her.

Courtney Langdon | Freelance Writer

Courtney’s superpower is simplifying complex ideas, and she believes in science for the masses (especially girls), devours urban fantasy, and loves planning parties. You can read more about her parties here.

Julisa Basak | Freelance Writer

Julisa is an upbeat gal working full-time and cruising as an artist, writer, and video-editor on the side. She loves dancing (Bollywood), brunch, and hedgehogs. She has administrated three zines in the past and wishes Marie Kondo organized her life. She is also a henna artist so if you are in the Philly, PA area, make sure to hit her up on Instagram: julisahennaarts and jules_basak and follow her Twitter!

Emily Olkkola | Freelance Writer & Photographer

Emily has been a central Texas-based photographer. She lives with her adorable chihuahua, Perceus “Percy.” She has completed 59 different anime, ranging from FLCL, Pokémon, and Attack on Titan to Keijo!!!!!!!!, Devilman Crybaby, and Pop Team Epic. She also has a passion for not just photography, but writing as well, and she hopes she can give as much representation to as many people as possible with her stories.

Melissa Joy | Freelance Writer

Melissa is a proud Disnerd (Disney-nerd), a Steven Universe super fan, a freelance photographer, and a cosplayer since 2006. She graduated from Stockton University with her BA in creative writing. She loves penguins and corgis and has two fur-babies of her own: Suki & Bubs. A Jersey-girl at heart, she is now PA/Philly resident. If you’d like to see what latest cosplay or crafts shes been up to or just want to see her kitty fur-babies you can follow her IG @MelliePie or Facebook.

Isaac Glenn | Podcast Co-Host and Photographer

Isaac is a longtime gamer, reader, and TV binger. He enjoys a variety of PC and console games. He loves to listen to audiobooks in the car. And he’ll binge on shows and then (usually) rant about everything wrong with their universes.

Jay Hankins | Photographer

Past Team Members

  • David F. Pendrys
  • Maria Jennine
  • Alisha Kelley
  • Stephen Cleath
  • Rebecca Fultz 
  • Jaime Dominguez 
  • Summer Walker 
  • William Gray 
  • Sara Gann
  • Misty Jordan
  • Stephen “Smiles” Ramirtha
  • Fiona L.F. Kelly
  • Naomi Prewitt
  • Jessica Garver
  • Jeannette ChinoChinako
  • Marisa Martinez
  • Valeria Flores
  • Catherine Zaw

Past Interns

  • Cami Lyon | Social Media Marketing Intern, Spring 2019; Social Media Associate, Summer 2019 – Winter 2019
  • Jordyn Nguyen | Anime Reporter Intern, Spring 2019
  • Emily Gogle | Anime Reporter Intern, Summer 2019
  • Emily Olkkola | Anime Reporter Intern, Summer 2019
  • Natalie Bermudez | Anime Reporter Intern, Fall 2019
  • Davie Nguyen | TV & Film Reporter Intern, Spring 2020
  • Grace Reyes | TV & Film Reporter Intern, Spring 2020

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello, I’d like to let you to let you know about something happening in the Indie Film industry right now.

    Filmmaker Tucky Williams had her new film Girl/Girl Scene on Amazon Prime. It was doing very well. Then it started receiving hate-filled reviews. These reviews were written by the male supremacist/incel subculture that attacks women. These same men did to her what they did with Captain Marvel and other female led or directed films. These hate reviews raged with fury because these men were angry that the film was made for lesbians.

    The reviews had the effect of the film being removed. Amazon caved to the hate groups. Tucky did some research on these reviewers and – with the help of journalists and a passionate fan base – started a campaign that successfully got her movie back on Amazon.

    Her struggles with making this film, getting it on Amazon, and her victory over the anti-gay hate groups would make a great story. If you would like to have Tucky Williams as a guest, or for more information, please email me at this account.

    Thank you,

    Todd Kennedy Burrows
    KENNETIC Agency


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