Fan Expo Dallas 2018: Jeff Goldblum makes his comic con debut

This year’s Fax Expo Dallas brought in many big-name celebrity guests to speak at panels. Last Saturday morning started with a rawr (dinosaur joke intended) as Jeff Goldblum took the stage of the main theater to the delight of the roughly 2,300 fans in the audience. While this panel was regrettably cut short due to over-scheduling of his autograph line, they did have a fun panel with an incredible actor.

Article by William Gray

Opening the panel off, the moderator told Goldblum he wanted to get the most-asked pre-panel questions out of the way: “Will you be taking your shirt off in the new Jurassic Park movie?” To the groans of many in the audience, he responded with a no, though they did mention that he had the only partially undressed figure that Funko POP! has released.


The moderator continued by asking how he got back in the mindset of character that he hasn’t played in a while. Responding with possibly my all-time favorite answer, he said “It’s not rocket science, you’re just pretending.”

While there was not enough time for Goldblum to take questions from the audience, the moderator did ask many of the questions that fans wanted to know, touching on many of the projects that he has worked on, which ranges from Jurassic Park to Isle of Dogs to Life Aquatica and many more.

This man needs no identification! / Credit: Fan Expo Dallas

Not wanting to spoil upcoming movies for fans, the moderator stuck to questions about Goldblum’s past experiences. When asked about how he decides which roles to take, Goldblum explained that he relies on his agent, who he has worked with for over 30 years, but when it really comes down to it, he just decides how fun the role seems to be. Continuing the conversation, Goldblum lets the audience know that he doesn’t have any specific movie that he was most proud of, but he does love all of the movies he has made with Wes Anderson.

Goldblum as Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok / Credit: Marvel

When asked about working on Thor: Ragnarok, Goldblum said it was actually a much more laid-back set than expected. A lot of the time, they were just fooling around and improving and some of that even made it into the movie.

Getting off the topic of his movies, we learned that Goldblum has a side project–his jazz band! The band plays at a club in Los Angeles called Rockwell every Wednesday night. Goldblum made sure to plug the fact that they are recording their first album in the next few weeks. Taking his leave so he could finish up his day and fly back home for his son’s first birthday, he headed back for photos and autographs for his fans.

As Jeff Golblum fans, we’d like end this recap with a compilation video of his top lines from Jurassic Park, because why not?! 

Featured image credit: Fan Expo Dallas

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