10 Geeky Female Tattoo Artists To Check Out

Geeky tattoos are awesome and they’re quickly becoming the best way to show that you’re truly passionate about your most-beloved series and characters. We collect, we cosplay, and we buy the merch, but nothing says “true fan” more than permanently inking your skin to pay homage to your favorite fandom. These detailed, colorful, and amazing geeky tattoos and their incredibly talented artists are rising in popularity.

Although tattooing is a typically male-dominated industry, there are more women tattooing than ever and we found 10 badass female artists who are giving us the geeky tattoos of our dreams. Needless to say, these ladies are talented. From Star Wars to Sailor Moon, their portfolios exude true geek.

Sarai Tapia

Elizabeth St. Tattoo
Riverside, CA

We love Sarai’s passion for Disney, anime, and gaming. Her portfolio is eclectic and all around geeky. #shemakescuteshit

Isashah Pereira

Black Rabbit Tattoo

Richmond, VA

While we all might not be able to get one of her original tattoos, we all can at least swoon over Isashah’s original artwork. We’re kind of obsessed.

Laura Anunnaki

Mexico City, Mexico

Laura’s tattoos are magical, and over 310k people agree. Her vivid colors and her extreme attention to detail really bring her tattoos to life.

Kimberly Wall

Black Rabbit Tattoo
Richmond, VA

The amount of time and effort Kimberly puts into her tattoos really shows in every of detail her artwork. The full back pieces she has worked on have blown us away.

Nicole Wellingham

Apocalypse Tattoo Co
Atlanta, GA

Nicole is a professional fan girl giving us otaku realness. So if you are looking for a geeky artist in the Atlanta area, be sure to check her out!

Kelly McGrath

Hillsborough, NC

You can tell it’s a Kelly McGrath tattoo when the color palette is full of muted pastels and jewel tones. Anyone that spends a little time on her social media would be able to see that she produces amazing original artwork and stays true to her craft.

Dee Soto

Edinborough, MA

We’re not going to argue with Dee, her tattoos are definitely kawaii. Have you ever seen a kawaii Vegeta tattoo before? Neither had we until we found Dee’s artwork.

Sammy Van Higgins

Studio XIII
Orlando, FL

Neo-traditional with a pastel aesthetic is the most appropriate description for Sammy’s tattoos. You can expect to find not only familiar pop-culture references, but also original artwork in her portfolio.

Jackie Huertas

The Dolorosa Tattoo Co.

Los Angeles, CA

Jackie’s love for Disney really shows through her work. She captures Disney’s magic in all of her tattoos.

Nikki Rex

The Hideaway Tattoo

San Diego, CA

San Diego based artist, Nikki Rex, knows how to give a tattoo smooth, saturated color. Any fan would be stoked to have her as an artist.

What geeky tattoo do you want? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @geekgalsco!


Featured collage credit: ChinLin Pan / Featured images credit: Kimberly Wall, Jackie Huertas, and Kelly McGrath

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