5 different fleece fabrics

DIY Fleece Scarf

Chilly weather calls for cozy snuggles, but what’s a girl to do with so few geeky options? Well, have we got some no-sew fleece options for you!

This DIY fleece series comes in three parts to show you three easy projects to make your winter more comfy. In this article, we’ll look at fleece (what it is, where to get it, how to use it) and walk through the DIY fleece scarf project. Mmmm, now all you need is a hot drink and some entertainment to binge!

The Basics of Fleece


Fleece is fabulous, and you’ve probably already had more experience with it than you realize. You most commonly see it in clothing (pajamas, pullovers, etc.) and housewares (blankets and pillows) because it is soft, flexible, and comes in a variety of solid colors and prints. It’s also fairly cheap, so it doesn’t cost much to make items from it.

Did you know there is more than one type of fleece?


Yup! For our projects, look for “anti-pill” or “blizzard” fleece. These are the ones that don’t pill or fray. Sure, those really silky “minky” fleece fabrics might be tempting, but you can’t no-sew those bad boys because they shed and fray like crazy, requiring hemming and sewing to keep it all together.

Other factors that make fleece a great crafting material is that it’s machine-washable and doesn’t unravel when you cut it, hence the “no fray.” This means no hemming, yaasss! If the color of your fabric is dark or vibrant, you may want to wash it before you start crafting in case it bleeds or fades. Also, because fleece is so flexible and stretchy, it’s best to work on a solid, hard surface so it doesn’t move when you cut it. I have learned this lesson the hard way first hand.

Where to find fleece


You’ll find your best selection of prints at fabric stores like Joann’s, but you can also try craft stores that carry fabric like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Not close to any craft or fabric stores? Some big box stores like Walmart have fabric departments, but not all do, so call first. You can also source fleece by the yard online (ex: Amazon, Joann.com, etc.). You just won’t be able to see the colors as they actually are if you’re trying to match them.

Make Your Fleece Scarf!

Step 1

Five different designs of fleece fabrics for your DIY scarf.
Five different designs of fleece fabrics for your DIY scarf. / Photo credit: Courtney Langdon

This is the easiest of the projects, although all are pretty simple. First things first, grab yourself some fabric!

Step 2

Dinosaur fleece fabric
Dinosaur fleece fabric / Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

The best size for this scarf is 9 – 11 inches wide and 52 – 60 inches long. You may need to trim the sides to make it even. If necessary, trim the selvages (the rough ends) off the fabric. NOTE: I’ve made the scarves before where I left the selvages. As long as they were printed and not white – and then included it in the fringe. It gave it a slightly curly edge to the fringe, which was neat.

Step 3

Dinosaur design fleece fabric with scissors to cut 2 inches off the end.
Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

You don’t have to have fringe, but I like it and you’ll see in a later step how it can be helpful. If you don’t need it, then you’re done! If you want it, cut one inch wide strips about two inches long on each edge. I used a ruler to help me keep my snips even.

Step 4

Close-up on fleece fabric to cut fringes on the end of the scarf to make an infinity scarf.
Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

You could be done… unless you like infinity scarves like ME! Love them.

To turn your new scarf into an infinity scarf, match the fringed sides and tie the fringe together. It helps keep it looking consistent if you try to tie each knot the same way each time.

Step 5

Close-up of dinosaur fleece fabric to make an infinity scarf
Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

Keep tieing until you’re done.

Step 6

Infinity scarf
Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals
Infinity scarf
Photo credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

Voila! You’ve got an infinity scarf and a reason to be both comfy AND cute.

Let us know how your DIY fleece scarf turns out! Tweet us your photos @GeekGalsCo.

Featured image credit: Courtney Langdon/Geek Gals

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