Jerome Flynn starred as Ser Bronn of the Blackwater in HBO's "Game of Thrones"

Con Of Thrones 2019: Jerome Flynn

Mischief Management brought Jerome Flynn, who portrayed Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, to Con of Thrones this year at Nashville last weekend from July 12-14.

Jerome Flynn’s panel took place last Friday, and Kim Renfro from INSIDER moderated.

Bronn’s Endgame

Kim Renfro asked Jerome Flynn if he thought his character would end up on the Small Council? Flynn admitted that he wanted Bronn to be with all the other heroes but… he did get his castle. 😉

Flynn went on to explain how grateful he was to be on the show and to have his character stay on the show from start to end. He also added, “It’s been such an incredible experience, and it continues. 10 years ago, I didn’t think I’d act again, let alone be coming to Nashville to talk to you guys.”

Bronn’s role in Season 8

In the beginning of season 8, Queen Cersei had tasked Bronn with a mission to find and kill both her brothers in Winterfell. Personally, my gut was telling me he wouldn’t do it, and I had a discussion about this with a dear friend who thought he would kill Tyrion and Jaime. But Bronn came through! Instead, he punched Tyrion on the nose. Which Flynn explained was a hard thing to do.

Flynn also talked about how he wished Bronn had helped out the others fight the White Walkers in Winterfell.

Renfro brought up that Bronn did have his heroic moment back in season 7 in “The Spoils of War” episode with the loot scene. Flynn kept joking about wanting Bronn to be with Daenarys.

Game of Thrones and how big it got

Renfro asked Flynn when did he realize the show would get so big? Flynn explained that when he first took the job, he did not expect it to grow. He expressed his worries that the show might have turned out not-so-well. But he quickly realized that with the quality of writing, the epic scale, and the cast brought together, it became clear to him that Game of Thrones was part of a television revolution.

Storyboard gift

Each of the actors received a storyboard as a gift on their last day.

Renfro went on to ask how his last day went on set. Flynn explained that he was so excited to work with some people he hadn’t had a chance to work with so he forgot it was his last day:

It didn’t really hit me until a few days afterwards that I wasn’t going back.

Jerome Flynn

Did you take anything from the set?

“A pair of socks.” Same as Hannah Murray! LOL.

Talking about spoilers now

Actually… Flynn admitted that he actually liked to tease people about what may or may not have been coming up on Game of Thrones: “Now, I can’t do that anymore.”

Additionally, as a fan of the show, Flynn said he didn’t want to know what was going to happen. He only read Bronn’s scenes. (Minus the season 8 table read.)

The Season 8 Table Read

Flynn explained that it was a very special occasion: “It was very powerful and emotional in the end.” He agreed with Hannah Murray that the most shocking scene to him was the scene where Jon Snow killed Daenarys.

Do you feel relieved now that it’s over?

Bronn’s last name?

Renfro asked Flynn “what in the Seven Hells is Bronn’s last name?” He replied that it might be Jones and his first name is James… So… James Bronn Jones. “His dad had a sense of humor.”

Fan Q&A


The first person to line up for the microphone started out by commenting that he thought Jerome Flynn looked like a bit of a mischief-maker. Flynn responded, “What makes you think I’m a mischief-maker?” That title goes to…

Flynn goes on to explain one of his favorite moments behind-the-scenes. There was a scene where Bronn said to Podrick that he’s got “the magic cock” and grabbed his crotch. They had shot the scene and they were re-doing it again for fun: “I grabbed his balls… quite hard… And that’s the take they use!” Flynn says Daniel Portman’s reaction to that was the best.

Another fan suggests to Flynn that he check out the YouTube video “A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire,” where Bronn plays a key part in. I hadn’t seen it so I had to check it out myself…

Indeed… Bronn had a very important part in that!

Spin-off dreams?

What did Bronn do on his first day at Highgarden?

As a man of action, it makes sense that Bronn would “get bored quickly” during his first day as the Lord of Highgarden.

Ladder of chaos

This was one of my favorite questions a fan asked. Flynn had the best response.


Anything from the Game of Thrones universe Bronn would’ve found shocking?

Phantom urges!

Stay tuned for more articles recapping Con of Thrones!

Featured image credit: HBO

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