Mischief Management CEO Melissa Anelli and actor Tom Felton at LeakyCon 2019 in Dallas

LeakyCon 2019: Tom Felton Panel Recap

Harry Potter star Tom Felton came to LeakyCon this year in Dallas, TX. Felton is best known for his role as Harry Potter’s nemesis Draco Malfoy but lately, Tom Felton’s been up to performing music! He is a singer-songwriter and he also recently starred as Julian Albert in CW’s The Flash.

Felton’s panel took place on Sunday, Aug. 11. Mischief Management CEO Melissa Anelli moderated the panel.

Anelli asked Felton what were some memorable times he had shooting the Harry Potter films.

How did you re-acclimate to the world post-Harry Potter?

Tom Meets the Super Fans

Anelli asked about Felton’s documentary Tom Meets the Super Fans, which released a few years ago in 2015. After attending many conventions by that point, Felton had wanted to show others and his friends and family the fan culture at comic cons.

What was your best fan interaction?

What kind of roles are you most interested in now?

Felton talked about working with Jason Isaacs and Helena Bonham-Carter

Felton mentioned how The Beatles influenced him in his music career

Fan Q&A

Have you ever played Quidditch outside of Harry Potter?

If Draco had access to mental health services, would it have helped?

How was it being punched by Hermione?

Thoughts on Evanna Lynch being on Dancing with the Stars?

How did you get started with your music career?

Dramione or Drarry?

Advice for actors?

If you could go back to shoot the films, what would you do differently?

Stay tuned for more LeakyCon 2019 coverage!

Featured image credit: ChinLin Pan/Geek Gals

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