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Get Inked From These 10 Geeky Tattoo Artists

With Inktober 2019, we find no better time to highlight some of the many women tattoo artists out there transforming skin to beautiful canvases with proud displays of geek culture. 

From full sleeves to small discreet, blackwork to watercolor, or Overwatch to Game of Thrones, we recommend these 10 women to follow on Instagram: 

Mathilda Dao

Las Vegas, NV

Props to Mathilda for pursuing art since she was a child — she is truly talented and has given many geeks something they are not shy to show off! She possesses an amazing shading technique with minimal but intentional and emphatic color use.

Kira Bishop

Franklin, TN

Kira is a rising artist that recently began work with Golden Yeti Art, which is based in Franklin, Tennessee. We love her use of bright colors, her thick outlines reminiscent of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, and her self-framing and contained style.

Andy Cordero

Miami, FL

Andy’s art proves her prowess in a variety of artistic styles, but what’s incredibly apparent is her masterful use of lines. Her ink often features a mix of thick and thin strokes that communicates textures well. She is especially talented at conveying facial expressions in her art.

Caroline Lopez

Fayetteville, NC

Caroline is a self-described “lvl 999 nerd” living out her best geek life with a fantastic career providing tattoos for other local nerds. We admire the crisp gradients in her coloring and her attention to detail. Her Instagram is also incredibly fun to follow as she also creates comics depicting her everyday life with her equally geeky husband.


Lacy, WA

This West Coast-based tattoo artist definitely deserves more attention than she currently has! Brandi exercises many different styles in her ink — from a watercolor look to a hyperrealistic portrait — and we love anything and everything nerdy she creates. Brandi also makes excellent use of white space… er, skin space.

Betzy Eaton

South Bend, IN

Latina tattooist Betzy is an avid consumer and creator of geek content. Her ink carries a certain metallic sheen that makes her art seem like there’s an actual light source emanating onto the skin. A glow, if you will.

Casey RoxSox Fleeman

Minneapolis, MN

We are blown away by the color palettes of Casey’s artwork. With the number of unique colors in some of her tattoos, we can only imagine how long her ink takes and how steadfast her hand is to execute them. (We also follow her because she posts many pictures of her many canine and feline family members at home.)

Jessica Friskney

Fort Wayne, IN

One look at Jessica’s Instagram page will indeed affirm that she is the “weeb queen of Indiana” as she has self-proclaimed. We love how her style emanates manga and how it looks her work comes straight off the page of a graphic novel.

Katie DeAngelo

Wilmington, DE

Katie’s art demonstrates her immense versatility, inking everything from Game of Thrones quotes in the signature font to photo-realistic portraits of Power Rangers. She has a great handle on contrast, making her art look like it could quite literally jump off the skin.

Meagan Bohrer

Philadelphia, PA

The Lannister sigil never looked better. We love the crisp lines and soft color blends in Meagan’s work, as well as the delicate cross-hatching that makes her shading outstanding. Meagan does way more than just nerdy but without doubt we’d take any tattoos she’d ink on us.

Chel Pace

Fort Worth, TX

Chel may be a tattooer but she is also a full-time nerd, with a great passion for anime, Harry Potter, and astrophysics. Her ink looks like it comes right off the manga pages, and her clients often come to her seeking to memorialize specific frames and quotes from their favorite manga onto their body.

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Featured image credit: Maixent Viau/Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Get Inked From These 10 Geeky Tattoo Artists

  1. There are so many amazing lady tattoo artists out there! It’s nice to see some of them being highlighted and a nice twist on Inktober.


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