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TV shows and Movies to watch this Spooky Season

Geek Gals, it’s fall! The most wonderful time of the year! October is a perfect month to get your warm blankets and snuggle up with some spooky shows! As Halloween approaches and you decorate your home with ghosts and skeletons, take some time to chill your bones! 

This is your unofficial viewing guide of spooky shows and movies to watch this month.

If you want a laugh….

Los Espookys 

Los Espookys HBO series
“Los Espookys” / Credit: HBO

The series comes from the brilliant mind of Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia) and features Renaldo, who loves horror movies and runs a business that provides pranks, chills and thrills for their client. Renaldo’s fellow Espookys are hilarious and Fred Armisen pops up from time to time as the lovable uncle who lives in L.A. The episodes are in Spanish but have subtitles. There is only one season, with 30 minute episodes, so make it last!

Where to watch it: HBO

If you like zombies…

Train to Busan 

2016 Train to Busan film
“Train to Busan” / Credit: Next World Entertainment and RedPeter Film

Okay, so maybe Walking Dead got old and you’re looking for some fresh brains…er, zombies. Look no more! This 2016 film features a zombie outbreak that starts as a woman with a mysterious bite gets on a train. Characters that must band together to fight the quick-spreading virus include a workaholic dad, his lonely daughter,  a famous baseball player, and a pair of elderly aunts. They must make it to Busan, a stronghold that has fended off the zombie hordes. Train to Busan is fast-moving, surprisingly emotional in parts and has some legitimately scary scenes! 

Where to watch it: Netflix, Amazon Prime

If you like nostalgia…

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Take a step back in time and hang out with the Peanuts gang for a spell! Linus anxiously awaits the visit by the Great Pumpkin bearing toys and surprises for faithful children. Join the gang as they participate in Halloween festivities and as Charlie Brown continues to be the fall guy, receiving rocks instead of treats. Nothing says spooky season more than this annual cartoon, which will be televised on CBS, Oct. 22.

If you like GIRL POWER!

Halloween (1978), then Halloween (2018)

The 1978 Halloween was the first horror film I saw and I have to admit, Michael Myers terrified me and still does. Make it a double feature and follow it up with the 2018 Halloween where we meet an embattled Laurie Strode who is more than ready to face Michael Myers 40 years later. Not only did she not give in to her trauma from the original attack by Myers, but she’s tricked out to the teeth in weapons and booby traps waiting for her revenge. 

Where to watch it: HBO Go, Amazon Prime

If you liked Midsommar….

The Wicker Man 

The Wicker Man 1973 film
“The Wicker Man” / Credit: British Lion Films

If you saw Midsommar and would like more folk-horror tales, look no further than 1973’s The Wicker Man. Set in Scotland’s Hebrides Islands, a village has abandoned Christianity for the worship of Celtic pagan gods. A London detective arrives investigating the disappearance of a young tourist. Christopher Lee, master of horror himself, is the leader of the village and his hypnotic performance draws you in! 

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime, Youtube

If you like Stranger Things… 

The Dark

Those of you who binged Stranger Things season 3 this summer  and can’t wait until season 4,  check out The Dark. It’s a Netflix original series filmed in Germany and there are subtitles. It opens as children begin to disappear from a small German town. As both season 1 and 2 unfold, there are multiple timelines that take the characters from 1953 to 2052. Sound confusing? It’s not,  as the timelines help tell the secrets and connections of seemingly random characters. And like Stranger Things, there is a malevolent supernatural force weaves in and out of the episodes. 

Where to watch it: Netflix

If you like creepypasta…

Channel Zero

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block anthology series
“Channel Zero” / Credit: Eat the Cat, UTMK Limited (season 1–2), Universal Cable Productions

Creepypasta! We’ve all heard of the internet horror stories like Slenderman. But what if someone made a TV series about all those urban legends. Well, they did and it’s called Channel Zero. It’s an anthology series, with each of the four seasons featuring a particular terrifying tale. Tales include a bizarre 80’s TV show for kids that may cause disappearances, a door that reveals secrets and a popular haunted house that is definitely NOT what it seems. 

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

If you like true stories…

The Nightmare 

The Nightmare 2015 documentary about sleep paralysis
“The Nightmare” / Credit: Campfire, Zipper Bros Films

Ever heard of sleep paralysis? It’s an actual thing where someone can’t move or speak while waking up or falling asleep. Extreme cases include people having hallucinations or physical sensations that further inhibit movement or speaking. This documentary introduces you to eight people who suffer from sleep paralysis and the director, Rodney Ascher, conducts interviews and then recreates each person’s sleep paralysis nightmares.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Well, Geek Gals, hopefully I have provided some ghostly go-tos to whet your Halloween whistle. Drop me a line with any other suggestions as I am always looking for any supernatural and scary stories to share!

Featured image credit: Netflix

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