Sailor Mars in "Sailor Moon Crystal"

#MoonieMondays: Sailor Mars

When we think about iconic characters, the Senshi from Sailor Moon is sure to come to mind. One of the Inner Senshi is Rei Hino, otherwise known as Sailor Mars. The fiery girl is one of the most important characters in the series and one of my personal favorites. Whether you like the Sailor Moon anime or manga, you’re sure to appreciate all that is Rei!

All About Rei

Rei is the second Sailor Soldier who joins forces with Usagi. She quickly became an integral part of the team and is a powerhouse. Her relationship with the Senshi starts off a little rocky, but with time, things mellow out and she has a deep appreciation for her teammates.

As far as her family life goes, Rei lives with her grandfather. When she was younger, her mother, Risa Hino, died from an illness. Her father is a rather well-known politician that unfortunately wasn’t a part of Rei’s life. Rei, understandably, isn’t close to him especially since he never visited her sickly mother.

Tradition is Powerful

Rei is introduced at Hikawa Shrine doing work as a miko (shrine maiden). As a practitioner of the Shinto religion, much of her powers and goals can be rooted in her beliefs. For example, one of her aspirations is to be the head priestess of her shrine. Rei does attend a Catholic school, unlike the other Senshi, but this doesn’t seem to conflict with her faith.

Interestingly enough, her background in the shrine makes her one of the few Sailor Moon characters who can use their powers off the battlefield. Not only can she do fire readings but she also has some psychic powers. She also has the ability to fight off spirits. Rei is sometimes shown to have an intuition that warns her of nearby danger or even evil.

Since she was young, Rei has also had a way with crows. In the manga, she claimed that two crows that go by Phobos and Deimos had told her their names themselves. Funnily enough, those are the names of the planet Mars’ two moons.

Fire Starter

Rei’s powers as a Senshi revolves around fire. She transforms into Sailor Mars by saying “Mars Power, Make Up.” The items she uses to complete her transformation vary from a pen to a Star Power Stick. Her attacks vary between the anime and manga. She’s often shown can shoot balls of fire from her fingers and eventually gets weapons – the Mars Arrow with the Mars Flame Sniper. Rei’s background in the archery club at her school was a bit of foreshadowing for one of her most powerful attacks.

Something’s Different

If you’re only a fan of the anime, you might not know that Rei is pretty different in the manga. In the original anime, Rei is a lot more hot-headed and direct. Her and Usagi seem to butt heads quite often as well. There have been times where Rei has tried to take the leadership role within the group from Usagi. Anime Rei is also more open to romance. In fact, she had a bit of a love triangle with Usagi and Mamoru. Her interests align more with a regular teenager in the anime too. The anime portrays her as also a fan of pop culture.

In the manga, Rei is much more calm and serious. The manga emphasizes her as more traditional. She also has no real interest in romantic relationships. She did have a crush that’s explained in a manga side-story. However, generally, she doesn’t see men favorably. Rei’s portrayal in Sailor Moon Crystal counterpart is much closer to her original personality.

An Important Part Of The Team

Sailor Venus is the leader of the inner Sailor Senshi squad that protects Sailor Moon. However, Rei is actually the second in command. Right after her is Sailor Mercury. Rei’s position in the hierarchy solidifies more when she gets closer to the other Senshi.


Rei is a truly interesting and complex character. While her personality may shift based on what version of the series you’re consuming, Sailor Mars remains likable for her charm and power. She’s a character that grows to be loyal to her friends. Even with so many characters in the Sailor Moon franchise, Rei still remains her own and is distinguishable from the other girls.

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Featured image credit: Toei Animation

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