Chibiusa and Usagi

#MoonieMondays: Chibiusa, Sailor Chibi Moon <3

Sailor Moon is filled to the brim with great characters. One of them is Chibiusa, Sailor Chibi Moon! This pink-haired kid may be small but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a great character within her own right.


Also known as Princess Small Lady Serenity, Chibiusa is the princess of Earth in the 30th century. She’s the future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion (or Usagi and Mamoru). We’re introduced to her when she travels back to the 20th century to find Sailor Moon and the rest of the Senshi for help.

Her personality was bold and kiddish in the best way. The first time she appears on the screen, she falls out of the sky landing right on top of Usagi. This entrance suited her since she’s pretty outgoing and loud. However, growing up, this wasn’t the case. Being the daughter of a queen is sure to draw comparisons especially when her powers never really awakened in the future. She was teased a lot by other kids and definitely has her share of insecurities.

Who Cares About Sailor Moon?

Chibiusa and Usagi often butt heads. While she does eventually find out that Usagi is basically her mother, the difference between current Usagi and Neo-Queen Serenity is so big that she doesn’t realize it at first. The same can be said for Mamoru. Where she respects the parents she knows, that doesn’t necessarily translate to their past selves. In fact, Chibiusa had a small crush on Mamoru, even going as far as calling him “Mamo-chan.” Of course, that meant an angered Usagi.

The two bunheads bickered constantly and Chibiusa would outwardly mock Usagi as well. However, that does eventually change and the two do grow into a more loving relationship. As the series progressed, Usagi would and has done a lot for her future daughter and Chibiusa feels the same.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Unlike the other Senshi, Chibiusa’s guardian form attacks didn’t yield many results at first. This is played up in the manga where her first run-in with a baddie doesn’t go so well since her attack was basically useless. This pattern continues for a while until she gets upgrades from artifacts.

She isn’t totally helpless even with the time it takes her to power up. With the help of Luna-P, a strange mechanical object, she can communicate with other Senshi like Pluto. Luna-P can also transform into other items. For some time, Chibiusa also has the Key of Space-Time which allows her to travel to different moments in time at different points in the series.

Her Dark Side

During the Black Moon Clan arc of the series, Chibiusa was cornered by a villain that goes by Wiseman. He took advantage of Chibiusa’s frustrations and brainwashed her. His actions turned her into Black Lady. This version of Chibiusa is much older and wear a slitted dress instead of the usual school uniform. Black Lady was born out of Wiseman’s lies of Usagi and Mamoru not loving her. That disconnect spurred her actions and made her fight against the Senshi. Luckily, she reverts back to Chibiusa when Sailor Moon reminds her of the love she has for her.

Pink Everywhere

Let’s be honest, Chibiusa doesn’t really look like any of her parents besides the hairstyle. This links back to Usagi’s original design. Naoko Takeuchi, the mind behind Sailor Moon, originally planned for Usagi to have pink hair before switching it to her signature blonde. Since Chibiusa is literally “little Usagi,” it makes sense that she would have a had a similar style.

Chibiusa and Usagi with pink hair
Credit: Kodansha

Takeuchi also loved the idea of evoking rabbit-like imagery in her main characters. That was eventually toned down for Usagi, but like with the original pink color, Chibiusa got to keep the look. The red eyes and her long hair buns are all callbacks to a cute pink rabbit.


Chibiusa is such a fun character. Even though she’s little, she’s iconic and plays a huge role in the series. Her existence is a reminder of what the future could be and in many ways, she’s a symbol of what Usagi and her friends are fighting for. Her growth from being immature and childish to growing into her powers, especially in the manga, is a powerful one.

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Featured image credit: Kodansha Comics

One thought on “#MoonieMondays: Chibiusa, Sailor Chibi Moon <3

  1. Thank you for this article! It makes me so glad to find more people who see the good in Chibiusa. I loved Sailor Moon Eternal and the Dream Arc of the manga, where she gets her own eternal powers and her own crystal. I also loved her Parallel Sailor Moon counterpart, how she’s developing into her own girl without taking as much from Usagi as when we first see her. She really is a lot stronger mentally and physically than people usually give her credit for.


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