Interview: Get to Know The Woman Behind KawaiiChikkie

Even though for the time being, we con-goers can’t see our favorite artists in-person at conventions, we can still learn about them and support their work! In this artist feature, learn about Audra Rincon, the artist and creator behind the super kawaii chick making his way to internet fame, KawaiiChikkie!

KawaiiChikkie logo
KawaiiChikkie logo / Illustration credit: KawaiiChikkie

A Little Bit About Audra

Audra is from Baytown, TX and graduated from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor with a degree in organismal biology. But her artist interests led her to KawaiiChikkie instead! Ever since she was young, she loved to draw kawaii characters and made up worlds and stories for them.

Art was my creative outlet and to build up a way to get immersed into stories. I can create anything I want in my own little world!

Audra Rincon

Get to know KawaiiChikkie!

Audra, the artist and creator behind KawaiiChikkie, at Anime Dallas 2019
Audra, the artist and creator behind KawaiiChikkie, at Anime Dallas 2019 / Photo credit: ChinLin Pan/Geek Gals

When and why did you start KawaiiChikkie?

I had a rooster named Chikkie! He was the cutest, toughest, spunky-est, adventure-est Rooster ever. Chikkie loved exploring everywhere, but he never forgot where he came from. My stories are based off of my rooster’s childhood personality and experiences! He passed away a few years ago, but he’s made an impression on my heart and I hope every Nugget who follows my page or sees a Chikkie GIF also sees that silly aura he had! A lot of his personality is put into the merchandise and stories.

How did you come up with the name KawaiiChikkie?

KawaiiChikkie booth set up outdoors
KawaiiChikkie booth set up outdoors / Photo credit: KawaiiChikkie

It was more of a marketing tactic, for me as a consumer I would just Google the words kawaii and that was a big keyword for finding wallpapers, images, and school supplies I would buy. If I wanted to be easy to find I needed to have a name that is easy to find, remember, and is exactly what people are looking for. Kawaii!

What inspired you to create a character such as KawaiiChikkie?

KawaiiChikkie’s morning routine / Illustration credit: KawaiiChikkie

I was inspired by Hello Kitty and Line Friends to make a mascot that is easy to connect to and bring joy to you as soon as you see it!

What does KawaiiChikkie mean to you?

Chikkie has become sort of a role model for me. I put all the things I wish I can be and want to achieve into Chikkie. It helps inspire as well to see what the end goal is!

What is the process like when it comes to creating your own designs?

KawaiiChikkie illustration
Illustration credit: KawaiiChikkie

Before I draw anything I research the trends and find what inspires me, I sketch on my phone throughout the day and the stories that I like the most, I bring those to life with Illustrator.

What do you enjoy the most when working at conventions?

KawaiiChikkie booth at a convention
Photo credit: KawaiiChikkie

I am able to meet so many amazing people and artists all with their own dreams and I can talk to them on how they are progressing. The booth and the brand is so yellow and wholesome, I can bring a smile to people’s faces just by showing up and Keeping It Cheepie!

What programs do you like to use when making your creations?

I only use Illustrator to create my art and merch designs. Illustrator helps me control every line and curve and gives me the gridding abilities I need to complete simply complex work. Using a tablet or pen to draw gives very little control and the pace of the work is slowed down since every movement is by chance.

Do you have a specific audience that you enjoy engaging with?

illustration of KawaiiChikkie as a skater
KawaiiChikkie as a skater / Illustration credit: KawaiiChikkie

I love to make art and merch for stationary artists. A big thing with accomplishing goals is to have a way to stay organized. Stationary artists are brand aware and want to put a special touch on everything they see, it’s fun to be kawaii and organized. Life feels better when your planner is adorable!

Do you have anything planned for the rest of 2020?

Fall Fest KawaiiChikkie
Fall Fest KawaiiChikkie / Illustration credit: KawaiiChikkie

I am currently working on the establishment of the Nugget Club! The biggest way people who love the same thing share with each other is by joining a club! I loved having the Chikkie Sticker Club, but I’m working on making it bigger and better! I want to tap into the stationary market, it has such a global spread that I can bring Chikkie to people all over the world!

You can follow KawaiiChikkie on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitch!

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Featured image credit: KawaiiChikkie

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