Limbo is a spooky game to play that'll get you in the mood for Halloween.

Spooky Games To Play Perfect For Halloween

It’s Halloween season! While most people pop in a spooky movie, nothing hits like playing a game that’ll have you gripping your controller. After all, what’s scarier than having to be face monsters yourself? Horror and horror-inspired games have everything from crazed animatronics to literature clubs! 

Just so you don’t have to sift through tons of games and get straight to the good stuff, we have a list of spooky games to play perfect for Halloween to get you in the mood for Oct. 31!

Note: Some of these spooky games do have warnings, so take caution!

Here are some spooky games to play:


Phasmophobia is a spooky game to play for Halloween and it is available on Steam.

Play it here: Steam

Phasmophobia just came out in September but it’s already made a name for itself. It’s a 4-player game where you and your team take the role of paranormal investigators. Your job is to enter haunted places and gather as much evidence of the paranormal as possible. You’ll have various types of ghost hunting equipment you can use to record evidence of hauntings. One of the best (or worst) parts of this game is that it’s sensitive to sound the layer makes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Play it here: Steam

This might be a no-brainer but the ever popular Five Nights series is perfect for the spooky season. What started out as a simple point and click has evolved into a well loved series and that’s with good reason. There’s more than one game in the series but the first still holds up now. In the game, the player is a security guard working the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You have to use security cameras to survive the night against monstrous animatronics.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is another spooky game to play this Halloween and it is available on Steam.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Play it here: Steam

In this spooky game, you play as Daniel, a man with amnesia. He’s found himself in the mysterious Brennenburg Castle with no clue how he got there or who he is. He has no way of fighting against the various monsters that chase after him. Instead, he has to quickly hide or run away all together. Players also have to be conscious of Daniel’s sanity levels. If he’s in the dark for too long or sees anything out of the ordinary, there will be some dire consequences.


Play it here: Steam

This black and white game is about a young boy that needs to find his way through his environment. It’s a platformer with puzzle elements. That might not sound like much but the atmosphere of the game is eerie and the environment often works against leading to many grisly deaths. It’s a game that works your brain and lets you uncover a story while you play.


Outlast is a spooky game to play perfect for Halloween and it is available on Steam.

Play it here: Steam

Another game to get you in the spooky mindset is Outlast. Here you play as journalist Miles Upshur who is trying to investigate a psychiatric hospital. He is quickly in over his head when he discovers that the facility is littered with corpses. Similar to Amnesia, the player can’t attack or fight anyone off. In this game however, there’s no visible health bar so players have to be extra cautious of enemies.

Until Dawn

Play it here: PS4

If you want a game where your actions truly have consequences, try Until Dawn. Throughout the game you play as various characters – all of which are stuck in the mountains after being stranded on a trip. It’s a game with a few pretty big twists amidst the chaos and is definitely worth a play.

As mentioned before, the choices you make as a player have consequences. Even small decisions can spiral into events that you might not have expected. They’ll affect relationships, gameplay and even character deaths.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club may not appear spooky at first glance but the visual novel takes a dark turn. The game is available on Steam and DDLC.
Doki Doki Literature Club

Play it here: DDLC, Steam

At first glance, this game doesn’t seem like it belongs on this list. Nonetheless, this visual novel about five students in a literature club takes a dark turn. Without spoiling too much, things are okay in this game until the moment they aren’t. This game definitely offers a unique experience and it’s a must play.

Dead by Deadlight

Play it here: Steam

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical game where a group of survivors have to evade one killer. Survivors have no way of fighting and must live by dodging killers. This can be done by using items, windows, and wooden pallets. To successfully live, 5 of 7 generators have to be repaired to open the exit gates. 

The killers in this game might be familiar to some. For example, the Demogorgon, Leatherface and Ghostface. Each killer also has their own ability called killer power that’ll give them unique advantages in the game.


It’s always fun to get into the spooky spirit with scary games! The spooky games to play on this list are guaranteed to be a good time.

Play by yourself or drag your friends! Let us know which games you plan to play.

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