DIY Halloween wreath for your door

Dollar store DIYs: How to Make a Halloween Wreath

It’s October and we all know what that means: Spooky Season has arrived! Pumpkins, apple cider, scary movies, and my favorite: decorations! I replicated another TikTok creation (by @ashleykeeah) for my front door: a Halloween wreath.

Learn how to make a Halloween wreath! Our writer Melissa Joy made one and hung it on her black door.
Halloween wreath for your door! / Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

You can find all of the materials at the Dollar Tree. In fact, I spent under $20 to acquire everything. This DIY article explains how to create this specific wreath design. But following these steps you have the creative freedom to choose any colors of ribbons, ornaments, signs, etc. 

Disclaimer (*): I struggled to find the metal wreath base which is sold at Dollar Tree because I’ve bought it from there before, but had not been ordered this year for some reason. I went to nearly every Dollar Tree in my county with no luck. So I ended up buying mine from Joann’s for $4.50. But everything else I purchased for this creation was $1 each. (Additionally, tools used for prepping and assembly were items I already owned.)

Materials You’ll Need:

  • 1 Metal Wreath Base*
  • Decorative wreath ribbon:
    • Black ribbon (2 spools)
    • Purple ribbon (2 spools)
    • Orange ribbon (2 spools)
  • 1-2 Halloween designed ribbon
  • 1 mesh tube ribbon 
  • 1-2 packages of pipe cleaners
  • 1 Halloween decorative door sign 
  • 1-2 packages of spiders
  • 1-2 packages of Halloween ball ornaments

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Hot glue gun*
  • Modge Podge*
  • Scissors*
  • Ruler*

Start Prepping Your Halloween Wreath

Because this is a tedious project, I found it much easier to prep everything first before assembling all the pieces together. 

Taking your spools of decorative wreath ribbons, cut them in four inch lengths. After the first measured piece I eyeballed the rest. They don’t have to be exact. Make stacks of three pieces each.

Measure four inches for the decorative wreath ribbons.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Next, taking your Halloween designed ribbon you’ll want to cut them the length as tall as the decorative wreath: about 6 inches. I’m using two different ribbon designs, but you can use one if that’s what you prefer. I cut about 10 pieces of each design. I then folded them in half long-ways and cut at an angle. This creates a pointed-tail effect.

Collage of a step in Halloween wreath DIY
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Now, take your pipe cleaners and cut them all in half. You’ve just doubled the amount you have! These will be used to hold your ribbon pieces to the wreath base.

Cut your pipe cleaners in half.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Using your hot glue gun flip your spiders upside down and glue generously. Take your now cut pipe cleaner and fold it again and press the middle into the glue. Also use the pipe cleaners to feed through your ornaments.

Take your now cut pipe cleaner and fold it again and press the middle into the glue.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Optional: Glitter

This is an optional step, because glitter is the bane of my partner’s existence. So to save some of his sanity anything that had glitter on it, I took outside and tapped and dusted away any excess. Then I painted a coat of Modge Podge, which dries clear, to lock in the remaining glitter so that it won’t get everywhere with time and weathering.

Apply glitter to your Halloween wreath if you like!
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Assemble Your Halloween Wreath

Take your three pieces of decorative wreath ribbon and pinch them so they all curl outward and then twist the pipe cleaner around them in the middle to create a bow. You have the creative freedom of mixing your colors or keeping the clusters the same color. I also make nine clusters each adding a piece of the design ribbons so I can have one of each ribbon design in each section on the wreath base. 

Melissa Joy applies glue to a purple, glittery ball that will be part of her Halloween wreath.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

My wreath has nine sections and each section fits about nine clusters of wreath ribbon. To attach your wreath ribbons to the base use the center two prongs. Twist the pipe cleaners tightly until secure. Alternate your colors however you like.

Twist the pipe cleaners tightly until secure. Alternate your colors however you like.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Once all your ribbon sections are completed, start adding your spiders and ornaments where you’d like to go. Use as many or as few as you like. Then take the mesh tube and loosely weave it around the wreath. Make sure to fluff it! 

Taking your decorative door sign (you don’t have to use the exact one I used of course), remove the second smaller sign. Hot glue pipe cleaners to the corners, I used a small piece of ribbon overtop the glued center so some extra support, to attach to the wreath.

Melissa Joy shows the back of the "Halloween" signs she made that are an addition to the Halloween wreath.
Photo credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

Lastly, take the mesh tube ribbon and wrap and weave it around the wreath for an added pop of color. And there you have it! You’ve just created a Halloween door wreath that usually sells for upwards of $60-$90 dollars at any retail store. Create, enjoy, and be Spooky! 

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Featured image credit: Melissa Joy/Geek Gals

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