Con Of Thrones 2018: “Daenarys and Jon: Ice and Fire United”

You can’t go to a convention about Game of Thrones and NOT sit down for a panel about Daenarys Targaryen and Jon Snow. But if you missed it at Con of Thrones, it’s ok because that’s what I’m here for! Your geek gal has got you.

The “Daenarys and Jon: Ice and Fire United” panel discussed Daenarys and Jon’s union and all the questions this union opens up. SO MANY IMPLICATIONS TO EXPLORE. Is it a lasting love between these two dragons? Can they share the Iron Throne? Will they destroy each other when the truth finally comes out? The four panelists were Kim Renfro from INSIDER, Luka Nieto from Watchers On The Wall, Michelle Jaworski from The Daily Dot, and Sean Pink from the History of Westeros.

Kim knows how to start a panel!

Even when Jon finds out that he is half Targaryen (*still cringing at the boat sex*), will he actually want to be on the Iron Throne? Luka doesn’t think so.

And when Daenarys and Jon find out about their true relationship and start fighting about the Iron Throne, does it all even matter? Nope. The White Walkers are coming. The Night King is coming. He’s got Viserion as an ice dragon now too! Hell has frozen over and it’s coming down south and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Moving on to another implication: What if Daenarys gets pregnant in season 8?

We know that she was told that she could not have children anymore, so she always considered her three dragons as her children. But what if she could get pregnant again? The writers mentioned it a few times in dialogue in season 7.

We agree. Dany dying giving birth would be AWFUL. We’d need tissue after tissue to blow our nose and wipe the tears away. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen…

Moving on to predictions for season 8!

What would be the whole point of Jon dying again, if he was the one to die? And if Daenarys was the one to die, how would she go? Would she end up like the Mad King? One of the things we all love about Game of Thrones is how unpredictable it can be and how incredible the twists and turns are.

There are only six episodes in season 8. Six episodes for the entire show left. We’re super pumped for next year!

Featured image credit: HBO

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