A-Kon 2018 cosplay

A-Kon 29: Cosplay Gallery

Last weekend, the Geek Gals team had the pleasure of attending one of the largest anime conventions A-Kon at the Fort Worth Convention Center, back for its 29th year. If there’s any place where you’ll see cosplay everywhere you go, every second of every minute, it’s always at an anime convention. 🙂

A-Kon is the longest-running and the third largest anime convention in North America. A-Kon is home to over 33,000 fans and active community enthusiasts of anime, gaming, cosplay, music, Japanese fashion, manga, art, film, media, and Japanese culture.

Check out all the cool cosplays we saw at A-Kon 29!

Photo gallery by ChinLin Pan, William Gray, and Isaac L.

What were some of your favorite cosplays from A-Kon? Let us know!


Featured image credit: Isaac L./Geek Gals

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