Erica Lindbeck

A-Kon 29: Erica Lindbeck

Voice acting is a huge part of geek life. Everything from the anime we watch, to the video games we play, even the commercials during our shows. The actors who spend their days bringing these characters to life work just as hard as any screen actors, but typically don’t get the same recognition.

Article by William Gray

Anime voice actress Erica Lindbeck led a panel answering all of the questions that the visitors had concerning the voice over industry. In a panel full of laughs, ADHD, and valuable information Erica did a great job of giving everyone a look into what it is like being in the industry.

Her experience has ranged across the board. With notable roles including Barbie, Jane Foster (from Thor), Battle noise in Call of Duty (both Infinite Warfare and World War 2), Saber of Red in Fate/Apocrypoha, and many more.

There were three major pieces of advice that Erica gave to the crowd.

  • The first piece of advice she gave to the crowd was to take acting classes. Not voice acting, or at least not only, but stage or video. She said that when you are doing a voice, especially for the more dynamic scenes, it is important to really be there and acting classes will help with that.
  • The second piece she gave was to not skimp on your demo reel. They are expensive but you want to get it done professionally so you can get it done right. One bad demo reel will stick with you forever. Even if you make an amazing one later, if you send out a bad reel, that is what people remember. It was also a big point to make sure that your demo reel is designed for the job that you are after. Different jobs need different types of reels to display the best features of your voice, in terms of what that job needs. Anime jobs need different examples of your vocal range than a commercial would for instance. For examples of her reels, check out her website.
  • The last, and most universal, piece of advice she gave to everyone was simple but always something that people need to hear. If it is something that you really care about, chase after it and do not stop trying.

While answering questions for the panel attendees, Erica managed to keep things entertaining, even first thing in the morning, and only lost her train of thought 25 times (rough count). Check out her fantastic voice work in the upcoming FLCL Alternative where she will be voicing a character named Hijiri Yashima.

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