Jennifer Morrison

Dallas Fan Days 2018: Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison, who portrayed lead protagonist Emma Swan in ABC’s fantasy series Once Upon a Time, came to Fan Expo’s Dallas Fan Days last weekend on Oct. 20-21 at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. Having been to Dallas Fan Days for the past few years, getting to see Jennifer Morrison was such a treat. As far as I knew, Jennifer Morrison hadn’t come to this specific con before.

Prior to Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison was also known for her roles as Dr. Allison Cameron in the medical-drama series House. and as Zoey Pierson, one of Ted Mosby’s love interests on the comedy series How I Met Your Mother. Morrison’s film credits included Winona Kirk, mother of James T. Kirk in the 2009 science-fiction film Star Trek and Tess Conlon in the 2011 sports drama film Warrior.

Directorial Debut

But in recent years, Morrison also took up the role of director. Her directorial debut film Sun Dogs premiered at several film festivals last year, including Los Angeles Film Festival and Austin Film Festival.

The moderator at Dallas Fan Days asked Morrison what it was like directing her first film.

Sun Dogs is now available to stream on Netflix. So go ahead and add that to your queue!


We also learned something new regarding Morrison’s directing: She will direct an episode of HBO’s upcoming teen drama Euphoria. The show is set to premiere sometime in 2019. No announcement has been made.

Getting to know Jennifer

It was time for the Q&A portion of the panel and many audience members asked some great questions for Morrison.

Once Upon a Time

Question: What was it like portraying Emma on ABC’s Once Upon a Time? Morrison said:

It’s a lot of pressure when you’re carrying a show… You have to always be at your best, but it’s a muscle you develop over time. I really loved portraying Emma Swan.

The conversion continued on Once Upon a Time. Fans asked various questions asking about Morrison’s “favorites,” such as favorite episode, favorite character, and favorite storyline.


We shifted gears toward the end of the panel when a fan asked Morrison about her time on House and how she went about depicting a doctor. Morrison explained that she did her best to research in-depth every role she took on, and Dr. Allison Cameron was no exception.


Featured image credit: ChinLin Pan/Geek Gals

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