Melissa Anelli, Tom Felton, Georgina Leonidas, Afshan Azad, Scarlett Byrne, Tiana Benjamin

LeakyCon 2019: ‘Harry Potter’ stars panel recap

Back by popular demand, Mischief Management held its annual Harry Potter convention LeakyCon last weekend at the Dallas Convention Center. Potterheads unite! I attended LeakyCon for only the second time and had a blast meeting vendors and cosplayers and seeing talent talk about their experiences.

The “Hogwarts Students” panel took place last Saturday Aug. 10. Actors Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Georgina Leonidas (Katie Bell), Afshan Azad (Padma Patel), Scarlett Byrne (Pansy Parkinson), and Tiana Benjamin (Angelina Johnson) were the guests on this panel. Mischief Management CEO Melissa Anelli moderated the panel.

What stands out to you from your time on the films?

What advice did you learn from watching seasoned actors?

From Alan Rickman to Emma Thompson to Michael Gambon, there were so many fantastic, seasoned actors on the Harry Potter film franchise.

Tom Felton revealed something that Jason Isaacs, who played his father Lucius Malfoy, taught him.

What advice do you have for young actors today?

If you could play another character, who would you want to play?

What are you currently doing?

Fan Q&A

Our very Potterheads asked some great questions for our guests.

Which set was your favorite to film on?

What is your favorite Broadway show?

I attended many cons in the past five to six years and this is the first time I have heard a fan ask guests this question. So simple but quite the conversation opener!

Any pranks on set?

This is… utterly hilarious. And I feel so bad for those people…

Thoughts on Robert Pattinson becoming the next Batman

Not too long ago, news broke out that Robert Pattinson is next to play the iconic hero Batman after Ben Affleck’s exit. War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves will write and direct the film The Batman. Afshan Azad and Tiana Benjamin replied completely opposite responses!

Who was your favorite character overall?

Stay tuned for more LeakyCon 2019 coverage!

Featured image credit: Emily Gogle/Geek Gals

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